Stuller’s Create Bar Makes Designing Custom Jewelry Easy

Posted Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Stuller Inc. recently announced it’s “Create Bar,” a turnkey custom design solution for independent retail jewelers. The Create Bar is an in-store interactive kiosk where the jeweler can meet with tech-savvy customers and help them create highly personalized jewelry.

Stuller Inc. is a manufacturer and distributor of jewelry and jewelry-related products. The company, headquartered in LaFayette, Louisiana provides just-in-time delivery of more than 200,000 items to more than 40,000 jewelry professionals throughout the world. Stuller’s core product categories include: diamonds, gemstones, finished jewelry, mountings, findings, bridal jewelry, tools, supplies and digital solutions, including and CounterSketch Studio.

CounterSketch Studio is a 3D rendering tool that allows jewelers to use prototypes and Stuller’s huge inventory of digital models to begin the process of creating a custom jewelry design. As customers provide feedback, the system performs real-time 3D changes to the design on screen. The software also updates the estimated cost of the piece in real-time and creates stunning photo-realistic images of the jewelry. When ready for manufacture, the jeweler can send the design to the manufacturing experts at Stuller with the customer’s choice of finishing and setting options, all from within the software.

The Create Bar kiosk fixture includes furniture and lighting, store-branded signage, jewelry prototypes, loose gemstones and tools. It also includes the computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse, color printer, and CounterSketch Studio software. It even includes a pre-loaded version of Stuller Showcase, a store-branded version of the tools available on and an iPad, in addition to marketing support and training.

“The Create Bar combines the top selling services Stuller has to offer such as prototypes, CounterSketch Studio™ and marketing into one, easy-to-use solution,” said Maren Rosen, the executive director of bridal and jewelry at Stuller. “Not only does it allow jewelers to brand themselves, but also creates that enhanced experience today’s customer is looking for when they walk into a jewelry store.”

It’s a great solution for jewelers who want to be a custom design destination in their market with made to order jewelry. It also leverages the investments Stuller has made in high-quality custom jewelry manufacturing, including new, innovative technology.  While jewelers who were early adopters of Computer-Aided Design (CAD) used milling machines to carve wax casts, Stuller was an early pioneer in 3D printing, and its customers benefit from the additional flexibility it brings to the design process. 3D printers are being used used to print wax models for direct casting, to print in materials ideally suited for molding, or to even materials that may be plated for use as visual samples.

KDM P.O.P Solutions Group’s Retail division worked with the team at Stuller to design and build the initial Create Bar concept. We also manufacture the production version of the kiosks for Stuller, and deliver them to their jewelry store partners.

Ironically, KDM used similar CAD tools to design the The Create Bar and provided the same kind of photo-realistic renderings of it that Stuller’s software offers for jewelry buyers. Now, with recent advancements in the technology, KDM can even offer 3D printed models of the displays and kiosks it proposes to its retail clients.

In addition to the jewelry market, 3D design and printing services are being tested by other retailers, including Staples, Toys-R-Us, and most recently The UPS Store. As retailers continue to innovate in 3D printing, KDM is uniquely positioned to supply the signage, counters, decor, furnishings, and kiosks that will house and promote their 3D printing service. If you’re a retailer and you’re considering a move into 3D printing, CONTACT US today. We’ll help you design the perfect in-store experience for this exciting new capability. 

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