Home Improvement Trends: Embracing the Growing DIY Shopper

Posted Sunday, June 29, 2014

Designer Wall Finish interactive product demo kiosk- KDM Retail
Designer Wall Finish interactive product demo kiosk- KDM Retail

Consumers are feeling pretty confident these days about taking on do-it yourself (DIY) projects in their homes- whether simple repairs or complete home renovations. Influences on this growing trend are coming from sources like Pinterest, where they are gathering up ideas and tips on DIY projects; home improvement shows on networks like HGTV; and the vast amount of DIY videos found online, specifically YouTube. DIY enthusiasts are heading to their local hardware stores and home improvement retail centers to seek out new products, how-to instructions and creative guidance to help them tackle their projects. According to a recent press release from Elmer’s, home improvement purchases are likely to increase about 7% in 2014-2015, up significantly from 2012.

Consumer Brand Product Innovations Offer More Choices, More Creativity
Many of the DIY project trends focus on incorporating a variety of substrate materials, using bright paint colors, organizing home spaces and personalization. Consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands are introducing new products that offer shoppers these kinds of choices and enable them to be creative with their projects.

Elmer’s® ProBond Advanced® adhesive is a new product that was developed with the DIYer in mind. In their recent press release they refer to it as an “opposites attract” formula that can adhere different surface materials together, to include wood, tile, ceramic and metal. They boast the products ability to offer strong adhesion that has a professional finish.

In the paint industry, companies are offering a wider selection of colors and offering new ways for consumers to envision a finished product. Ace Hardware has recently teamed up with paint brand Clark + Kensington and nail polish brand OPI to offer an exclusive, new color line up that appeals to the female DIYer. The new paint brand colors are called “Let’s Have a Party” and “Boutique Chic”.  A tagline on their website reads, “It’s time to love your walls as much as your nails”. The site provides decorating inspiration for "The Artist", "The Wild Heart", and "The Romantic".

DIY Project How-To Instruction Offered In-Stores and Online
Local hardware stores and big box home improvement retailers are well aware that providing how-to instruction to shoppers will lead to more in-store sales. They are offering informative in-store signage,  interactive merchandise displays, product demos and in-store workshops as well as online education.

Ace Hardware launched a mobile Ace iPhone App app earlier this year that has been used as a customer loyalty tool, as well as an educational tool for shoppers. The app allows shoppers to view their purchase history, accumulate points, view “How To” videos, and scan QR codes in-store to obtain additional information and reviews about products.

The Home Depot brings shoppers in-store for “Free Do-It-Yourself Workshops” on topics such as lighting, electrical, installing laminate, flooring and even door locks. Shoppers leave the workshop with more confidence, and most likely a shopping list of items they can pick up while they are conveniently in the store.

Lastly, the use of attention getting POP/POS materials in store helps brands communicate the features and benefits of their products. Kiosks, traditional signage, interactive merchandise displays and digital signage can play a key role in providing information to shoppers and helping them identify the product they need to get the job done. (Read our recent KDM Blog: How to Make Your Merchandise Displays What Shoppers Are Seeing)

Rebranding and Packaging to Appeal to DIYers
Many consumer brand products that have been on home improvement shelves for several years are starting to embrace the DIY trend by rebranding their product packaging to appeal to these shoppers. Velcro® has been in the process of rebranding for the last couple of years, and has recently updated the packaging of hoop and loop fasteners. The brand has added color coding to help consumers find the right product for their specific DIY project. The new packaging also provides a QR code for consumers to scan for additional information on the product, a cut out window so they can touch and feel the product, and an overall bright and updated look. They have teamed up with DIY guru, Brit Morin, who provides useful tips and ideas for the use of Velcro® in home projects. In a press release, she states “The range of organizational and DIY projects that can be enhanced with VELCRO® brand products is nearly endless…” 

KDM P.O.P. Solutions Group supports many national consumer brands and home improvement retailers with innovative retail solutions that help drive sales and build brands. Our turn-key solutions include custom POP/POS print solutions, merchandising displays and retail environments. Contact us today to execute your marketing goals.

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