Merchandising Strategies to Win Over Shoppers at Retail

Posted Friday, September 05, 2014

KDM: corrugated merchandising display component
KDM: corrugated merchandising display component

The Importance of Effective Merchandising Displays

It is more important now than ever for brands to use point-of-purchase (POP) and merchandising displays to cut through the clutter and win over shopper’s hearts. In a previous KDM Blog regarding the need for innovation to stand out at the shelf, we shared some challenging statistics that brands need to overcome when trying to win the battle at retail:

  • There are 30,000 SKUs introduced every year
  • Consumers are hit with 3,000 messages every day from all marketing channels
  • It takes just 3 seconds to make an impact in store

10 Effective Merchandising Strategies

So, how do brands go about the difficult task of merchandising their products in the retail environment in such a way that attracts shopper’s attention, provides valuable information, and creates an emotional bond that will influence the purchase decision?

In an article posted this past month in POPAI, Marketing Brainology’s, Dr. Michelle Adams, shared 10 effective merchandising display strategies to connect with consumers and win over the shopper in-store. The jest of her strategies advise retailers and brand marketers to:

  • Create shop-able, easy to digest sections with a focal point
  • Use end caps to cross sell and preview what shoppers will find down the aisle
  • Create an actual experience or show people having a great experience with the product on the POP messaging
  • Make people or characters the center of the display
  • Show people eating and enjoying the product, make shoppers crave the item
  • Keep messages easy to digest and memorable, pictures speak louder than words
  • Be selective in color choice: warm colors trigger impulse and cool colors trigger a healthy feeling
  • Use unique display shapes and sizes to stand out: curves fare better than straight lines
  • Use sound, scent and motion technology to create an interactive display
  • Simulate what it would be like to use or consume the product and make it memorable

Knowing your target consumer and connecting with them with clear, simple POP messaging are points that Dr. Adams shares as important considerations in creating effective merchandising strategies.

Simplify the POP Messaging ~ Less is More

According to an article featured in Retail Customer Experience, traditional merchandising displays continue to be one of the best ways to attract shoppers- and the more simple they are, the better.  Today’s shoppers are typically armed with more pre-purchase information making it unnecessary to include every product feature on signage, which becomes white noise. Experts suggest including just a few solid points that are simple and best describe the product. "A customer wants to know the most important ways the product will help them, not just everything it does or can do," said Kevin Lyons, Senior VP of e-Commerce with  H.H. Gregg. "Traditional signage takes on a new role in today's retail environment as it relates to supporting the mobile customer, those that are researching as well as comparing/reinforcing their purchases," he continued.

Some Display Details do Matter

A well designed merchandise display can be an effective purchase influencer for retailers. However, they can be wasted and underutilized when some of the details that are crucial to their success are overlooked:

  • Well planned placement in store- Shoppers rarely ever look up once in the store aisle so the focal point should remain at eye level or below.
  • Keeping displays well stocked- Even the best looking displays fall short when they are not well stocked. Product voids may just lead a shopper to be less than impressed.
  • Items priced and signed correctly- Shoppers pay attention to price, and if prices are missing or items are not clearly marked, the shopper is most likely to pass on the product or choose another brand.
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