Print-on-Demand Marketing Solutions

KDM Print on Demand art template

Custom Print-on-Demand Portal for Your In-Store POP and Marketing Materials

The shift of in-store marketing budgets from a mass, one size fits all strategy, to a more personalized, local messaging strategy has been instrumental in the growth of print-on-demand (POD) services and the marketing asset management technology that drives it. 

At KDM POP Solutions Group, print-on-demand is a core competency that is powered by INTELLITRAK™, our in-store marketing management technology. Our platform provides a custom, dedicated portal for the procurement of all your POP and marketing collateral.

KDM's web-to-print solution automates the entire process, swiftly and accurately. Users log in to the secure site and choose products by category then customize text and graphic components of the associated art template.  Once proofs are approved on the site, print-ready art files are sent directly into KDM's print production workflow. It's that easy.

  • Enable anyone in your organization to promote your brand with relevant and actionable location specific marketing materials
  • Assure brand compliance by managing available templates and digital assets 
  • Reduce up front costs and obsolescence by printing only what you need, when you need it
  • Capture store profiles in order to customize messaging, promotions and pricing by location
  • Allow your team to act swiftly to customer's needs and competitive challenges
  • Reduce excess in-store inventory as needed 
  • Eliminate errors and improve productivity
  • Automate the entire operation by integrating procurement, production, warehousing and distribution processes 


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