Why You Should use Store Profiling Technology to Drive Sales

CKE Restaurants utilizes INTELLITRAK™ to manage the unique store profiles within the franchise At minimum, the in-store retail marketing supply chain includes procurement, production, management, and distribution of marketing materials. This doesn’t sound like it is all that complex, however, the challenges are that some point-of-purchase (POP) materials never make…

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The Case for Targeted, Local POP Marketing

A one size fits all strategy for your in-store POP Program activations doesn’t work. Here’s why: Marketers are continuously trying to develop creative and impactful materials that attract shoppers’ attention. From beacons to beeping displays, shoppers are bombarded with a ton of visual and auditory messages in the aisles, on…

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How Augmented Reality is Enhancing the In-Store Experience

[Submitted by Amanda Peterson,Enlightened Digital] Advances in technology and ever-changing consumer expectations have challenged retailers to become digital innovators. Now more than ever, retail corporations have shifted priority from selling products to creating the optimal customer experience. Technology has played a more important role in the operations of retailers and…

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Retail Signage: Display & Design Best Practices

Divers Direct check-out counter signage Visual Merchandisers and Store Designers are striving to appeal to today’s shoppers by creating an awesome in-store shopping experience to compete with the upward growth of online shopping. Study after study shows that retail signage is highly effective at influencing and driving sales and that…

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