How Retailers & Brands are Collaborating at the Point-of-Purchase: Part 2

Posted Monday, December 23, 2013

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This week’s KDM Blog article is PART 2 of 2 discussing how retailers are stepping up their game to create new “win-win-win” marketing strategies by partnering with CPG brands to give their customers more value at the point-of-purchase. We will look at two more examples of how they are customizing their POP campaigns to accomplish this at retail. If you missed Part 1, we discussed the co-creation efforts of Family Dollar & Coca-Cola and OfficeMax’s New Services Center partners.

Retailers are becoming brands in their own right and are more in tune with “their” shoppers than ever before. The shift is that CPG brands need to work with retailers to co-create custom programs that fit the retailer’s brand.  One size campaign, so to speak, does not fit all.  

Dollar General’s Customer-Centric Approach to CPG Brand Partnerships
Dollar General has opened 650 new stores in 2013, and has remodeled hundreds of locations to bring a new

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How Retailers & Brands are Collaborating for a Win at the Point-of-Purchase

Posted Monday, December 16, 2013

Retailers are implementing a new marketing strategy by partnering with CPG brands to give their customers more value in-store and making it easier for them to buy. This week’s KDM Blog article is PART 1 of 2 and we will look at two examples of how they are accomplishing this in different ways at retail. However, the desired results remain the same: a “win-win-win” for the retailers, brands and customers.

Retailers understand shopper behavior and have the advantage of being able to compare how brands are doing at the store level and how effective their marketing is (or isn’t.) Brands can help retailers because they understand their product category and are typically marketing powerhouses themselves.

Mutual Growth Opportunities for Family Dollar & Coca-Cola
Family Dollar partnered with Coca-Cola in a co-marketing campaign recently, sharing the insights about their Family Dollar consumer; described as price conscious, but with a desire for quality. Jocelyn Wong, Chief

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How Retailers use P.O.P. to Influence Shoppers with Social Media

Posted Monday, December 09, 2013

Photo credit: Nordstrom
Photo credit: Nordstrom

We are all familiar with that red “As Seen on TV” logo placed on the merchandise displays in retail stores that identify these products that we see on television commercials (typically over and over and over). Now, savvy retailers are using the red Pinterest “P” logo in-store to advertise their most popular products… as seen on Pinterest.

Pinterest, which launched in March 2010, is quickly growing into one of the largest social media sites with over 70 million users worldwide. Pinterest is centered on organized visual content. Users create virtual bulletin boards and “pin” visual images of their favorite products, brands, and recipes found all over the web to their boards. Additionally, they “re-pin” images from other Pinterest user’s boards that they may choose to follow. These boards, in many cases, act as a personal diary of inspiring ideas or wish lists for individuals, only they share it with the masses.

In late 2012, Pinterest

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Oversized Printed M&M Characters Welcome the Holidays in NYC

Posted Friday, December 06, 2013

KDM P.O.P. Solutions Group helps M&M’s Red (as Santa) and his fellow characters: Blue, Yellow, Orange, Green and Ms Brown (as Elves) bring joy to Times Square with the production and installation of a spectacular holiday window graphics display for M&M World's NYC retail location. Check out the wide format digitally printed project recently highlighted by Big Picture magazines' online News & Trends. 

There are 25 4cp printed characters, wreaths and holly ranging in size up to 210" x 210" and 150 diecut vinyl snowflakes adorning the windows of the retailer's two-story location.  The images are all 2-sided making it a challenging project in pre-press as well as the installation process.

Contact us to learn more about how KDM is poised to meet or exceed your marketing objectives at retail.

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