Cashing In on the Coffee Craze

Posted Tuesday, July 30, 2013

We’ve got a serious coffee addiction. How serious? Americans, on average spend $20 per week on coffee. It’s a mega-trend and its having a profound impact on retail. From restaurants and hotels to gas stations, convenience and grocery stores, retailers are trying to cash in on our coffee addiction. Upscale coffee chain stores are popping up on every corner. Quick serve and fast casual dining restaurants are ramping up their coffee offerings. Groceries are allocating more space to coffee sales and service. Gas stations and convenience stores are upgrading their coffee stations.

The US coffee market is now a $28 billion market. It’s growing annually at an average rate of 5.6% and revenues are expected to reach $33.7 billion by 2018. recently reported that the average American worker now spends about $1,092 per year on coffee - an average of nearly $20 per week. The survey also found that on average, younger workers (a key demographic for retailers) spend $24.72 per

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How Brands Can Leverage Digital Printing in Packaging

Posted Thursday, July 25, 2013

The use of digital printing for packaging is on the rise. It is an efficient way for consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands to introduce a new brand, test new markets and execute more frequent targeting with customization, all while improving the time to market and reducing production costs. Digital printing is not ideal for every packaging need, but it can offer brands many benefits. While the quality of output may have been a problem in the past, in today’s modern era of digital printing, quality can even be superior to other production methods. Digital color matching is now more accurate and there is little to no dot gain. The overall printing process is faster and requires fewer steps. While flexography, offset and screen printing methods are typically less expensive on longer press runs, the break-even between those technologies and digital printing has gone up, while for many reasons, order quantities are going down. The digital process alleviates the need for screens, plates and special inks

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Small Retailers Have Big Opportunities

Posted Tuesday, July 23, 2013

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While big retailers get the lion’s share of the industry’s attention, it’s the individual mom and pop stores that drive much of the U.S. economy’s retail sector. According to the 2007 economic census, only roughly 550 retailers had revenues over $250 million. The vast majority of retailers (over 475,000) had revenues under $5 million, which is the revenue threshold the Small Business Association considers “small business.” Beyond revenue, close to 80% of all retailers have less than ten employees and over half have less than four, making them a significant source of jobs in the U.S.

While their individual contributions to the economy might be marginal, as a group, small retailers have a big impact on the retail industry at large. They also have a significant impact on local economies. Sage North America, a provider of software to small businesses recently found that 68% of

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Retailing in the Lap of Luxury

Posted Tuesday, July 16, 2013

When you think of luxury, what kinds of products come to mind? Cars, jewelry, fashion items? While people's ideas around what constitutes luxury might differ, luxury items are typically defined as those whose demand increases disproportionately as income rises. They're not considered essential and are typically associated with affluence.

Some iconic companies have defined themselves as luxury brands. Porsche, Mercedes and Lexus sell luxury cars. Tiffany and Rolex are synonymous with luxury in the jewelry market. Louis Vuitton, Coach, and Ralph Lauren are great examples of luxury clothing and accessory lines. Products from brands like these and others in the luxury space sell on quality instead of price. Affluent buyers who recognize value have helped them reach the pinnacle of success.

Selling exclusive products often requires a different marketing strategy from those brands who sell necessities. The sale is less about price and promotion and more about product and placement. While the

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Changing Role of Retail Banking

Posted Thursday, July 11, 2013

While the banking industry might have been slower than other industries to adapt to technologies like the web and smart devices, it is quickly catching up. As financial services become more tech enabled and consumers have fewer reasons to visit a branch, we can’t help but wonder about the future of retail banking.

In the past, almost every transaction occurred inside the bank branch. Employers printed paychecks and their employees walked them into the branch to make a deposit. If they needed cash, or had to pay a bill, consumers wrote a check. If you needed a loan, you went to the bank. If you wanted to protect your valuables, you kept them at the bank.

Today, nearly every facet of consumer banking is digital. Paychecks are directly deposited, personal checks can be deposited from a mobile device and bills can be paid automatically using online banking. Cash is withdrawn from ATMs and credit cards are the most common form of payment at the point-of-purchase.

Fewer consumers have a

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In Retail, (Store) Size Does Matter

Posted Tuesday, July 09, 2013

It seems five thousand is a magic number in retail right now. Commercial realtors are finding it easier to lease spaces under 5,000 square feet and stores that fit that footprint are doing well. Retailers fitting that profile include restaurants, health food retailers, fitness, and other personal services, which are all experiencing growth. Also fitting that description are many of the luxury retailers who operate out of smaller spaces and generate high sales per square foot.

Commercial, retail real estate struggled through much of the recession. When funding dried up many new developments were mothballed, or worse, work was started but never completed. During that time it was not uncommon to see unfinished, abandoned retail development. Cincinnati, Ohio’s Kenwood Towne Place is a poster child for this problem. In late 2008 work stopped on the $175 million mixed-use project. Contractors walked off the job because they were no longer being paid.

Fast forward five years and things certainly

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How Restaurants Use Signage to Protect Their Investment in Training Employees

Posted Tuesday, July 02, 2013

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Whether your restaurant is classified as quick serve, fast casual, casual, cafe or fine dining, training your employees is a critical ingredient in successful restaurant management. With such a high turnover rate in employees it becomes a great challenge to the operations team to train good employees, fast. It impacts all facets of the business from personnel and food safety, to customer satisfaction, and ultimately profitability. Proper training is the unsung hero. When done correctly, everyone wins. When it’s not done properly, or when employees ignore or disregard their training, it can have devastating results.

Consider the recent example of Taco Bell’s employee who posted a picture of himself licking a stack of taco shells. Over the course of a few days the photo went viral and was seen by millions. Taco Bell responded by suspending and eventually

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