Why Effective POP is More Important than Ever

Posted Friday, February 28, 2014

82% of Mass Merchant Purchase Decisions are Made In-Store 

Shoppers are making more purchase decisions in-store than ever before, according to the POPAI 2014 Mass Merchant Study. In this article we’ll explore why this channel is such a notable jump up from the 76% of in-store purchase decisions found in POPAI’s 2012 Shopper Engagement Study, focusing on the grocery channel. This new study emphasizes that POP/POS and merchandise displays are critical components for consumer brand marketers to persuade shoppers and drive sales at the store level. We will also share some insights on how to win at the in-store purchase decision game using five measures of category performance.

After interviewing nearly 3,000 mass merchant channel shoppers, POPAI discovered some significant statistics on shopper behavior. “While we expected some mass merchant shoppers were waiting until the last minute to decide purchases, we were truly surprised to discover 82% of purchases decisions are made

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The Future of Retail: Takeaways from the NRF Big Show

Posted Friday, February 21, 2014

Last month, nearly 30,000 people attended the NRF (National Federation of Retailers) Retail’s Big Show in New York City to hear some of retail’s most influential trendsetters speak on the biggest topics in the retail environment today.  Resonating themes at this year’s show were innovation, technology, and the future of retail.

The show featured 278 speakers, to include higher ups at top retailers and consumer brand companies: Nordstrom, Footlocker and Life is Good to name a few.  Topics revolved around the ever-changing world of retail, and ways that retailers should continue evolving to keep up with how today’s consumer shop. 


We’ve put together a list of out top takeaways fron Retails Big Show that hit home with us in regards to the future of retail:

1. Connecting with the Mobile Consumer is Key

Marketers need to stay on top of retail trends such as mobile shopping and technology. In the session titled

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Why Promotional Products Should be Part of Your Marketing Mix

Posted Friday, February 14, 2014

KDM has a dedicated online catalog accessible 24/7: www.KDMbranding.com
KDM has a dedicated online catalog accessible 24/7: www.KDMbranding.com

Branded promotional products, also known as ad specialties, make up a nearly $20 billion dollar industry and are used by virtually every business in America. Retailers and consumer brand marketers are using products like mugs, pens, shopping bags, hats and t-shirts to advertise or promote a product or service, a business or a cause, thank consumers for their business, or to directly drive sales by using these products as purchase incentives. By all counts, the strategy is effective.

Advertisers experience a higher return on their investment of promotional items per impression than almost every major marketing effort; TV, magazines and the internet; at approximately $.006 per impression.  Research finds that some promotional products can generate nearly 6,000 impressions before being tossed.  The more memorable an item is and the more aware consumers are, the more likely they are to remember that brand when making a purchase decision. 

What are the most effective branded

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Why POP-Up Shops are so POPular

Posted Thursday, February 06, 2014

Brands like Adidas have disrupted cities with their eye catching pop-up shops, and consumers are enjoying the unique shopper experience {photo credit: thestorefront.com}
Brands like Adidas have disrupted cities with their eye catching pop-up shops, and consumers are enjoying the unique shopper experience {photo credit: thestorefront.com}

Temporary pop-up shops are creating quite a buzz everywhere- in empty storefronts and empty lots, outdoor kiosks and via mobile tours. Traditionally, retailers have used pop-up shops to generate incremental sales around the holidays, setting up a temporary store inside vacant spaces at the mall or strip mall.  

Consumer brands and retailers, from established to start-ups, find that pop-ups can meet many marketing goals besides just incremental seasonal sales. Here is how and why they are using pop-ups today:

  • Test how a new product is received by consumers
  • Test new markets and set up in multiple cities
  • Online-only retailers can test the waters of a physical location
  • Allow the consumer to interact with the products found online only
  • Create a sense of urgency with the consumer: “for a limited time”
  • More freedom to get creative than conventional retail
  • Gives them more flexibility and lower costs to launch

Location, Location, Location

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