How Important is Store Profiling in the Marketing Supply Chain?

Posted Friday, August 29, 2014

At minimum, the retail marketing supply chain includes procurement, production, management, and distribution of marketing materials. This doesn’t sound like it is all that complex, however, the challenges are that some point-of-purchase (POP) materials never make it to their intended location, are obsolete by the time they arrive, materials are irrelevant to that location, or are never even installed at the store level.

According to a study titled “Promotion Commotion” by the CMO Council’s Marketing Supply Chain Institute, up to 50% of retail marketing consumables are deemed as waste. Wow! “Marketing is investing billions in the production of point-of-purchase displays, sales collateral, brochures and in-store materials. There is little regard for the actual targets, locations and resources required to turn these displays into demand creation assets,” noted the CMO Council.

Just how important are POP materials at driving sales at the store level?

The 2012

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the Power of Pinterest at Driving Sales In-Store

Posted Friday, August 22, 2014

Target: Oh Joy end cap POP display
Target: Oh Joy end cap POP display

An article featured in POPAI in January of this year made five retail shopper marketing predictions for 2014. The first of those predictions was that “Pinterest will continue to rise in importance for in-store shopping experiences”.  Pinterest has helped retailers, consumer brands and shoppers. Retailers and brands use Pinterest to capture shopper insights from real time feedback to help them stock and even develop products that appeal to their shoppers. Retailers, such as Target and Nordstrom, use Pinterest tags on merchandise displays to identify products in their stores as being “top Pins” or “popular on Pinterest”. Shoppers benefit by getting to see what's on trend and who wouldn’t be influenced by the most wished for item available in-store?

Pinterest continues to grow since its inception in 2010- with over 30 billion pins (according to their website). Pinterest has differed from other social media platforms, in that users are more likely to

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Tips for Successful Trade Show Execution & Branding

Posted Friday, August 15, 2014

The trade show season is approaching for many of our customers within the retail industry. Trade shows prove to be excellent venues for companies to promote their products, build brand awareness, and ultimately gain leads. In this article, we share some tips to consider when planning, designing and executing a successful exhibit.

Design Your Exhibit with Your Target Audience in Mind

What message do you want attendees to get in the first three seconds while visiting your booth? And, what do you want them to remember about your company when the show is over? Do you want them to remember your new products, competitive advantage, or your company's brand image? Keep it simple and remember to make your display more like a billboard and less like a bulletin board with tons of information. It's better to go for impact.

Exhibitor Central lists some great questions to ask as you evaluate the design of your booth:

  • Is your organization name professionally presented and located at

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Creating Effective, Interactive Retail Kiosks

Posted Friday, August 08, 2014

Create Bar interactive kiosk
Create Bar interactive kiosk

Submitted by Jim Jaeger, retail environment design specialist, KDM Retail*

The use of kiosks in the retail environment has certainly evolved over the years. From simple beginnings as a small, open-fronted cubicle where newspapers, refreshments, or tickets are sold to consumers - to an interactive, engaging shopping experience where you can customize a pair of shoes or your jewelry, plan a vacation, and even watch a video. Retailers and consumer brands in about every retail segment are seeing the benefits that these store displays can add to the customer shopping experience and, thus, their bottom line. Some of these benefits for shoppers include:

  • Educating shoppers about the benefits and features of a product or service at the retail level
  • Providing an omni-channel experience for shoppers
  • Streamlining processes such as gift registries and loyalty program registration/redemption
  • Providing virtual sales associates and an opportunity for express self-service
  • Offering

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