Fashion Retail Embraces Food Service to Drive Sales

Posted Friday, January 15, 2016

Shop. Eat. Repeat. [Photo: Kohl's Cafe]
Shop. Eat. Repeat. [Photo: Kohl's Cafe]

Fashion retailers across the board are adding in-store food services as a means of replacing lost business in their brick-and-mortar stores. Target, Kohl’s, Urban Outfitters, Armani, and Burberry are just some of the fashion industry retailers adding Coffee Shops, Café’s, Bristro’s, Bakeries, Upscale Restaurants and even Bars to the shopping experience.

Why? To Drive Traffic, Increase Dwell Time & Gain Share of Course

Offering food and beverage options to shoppers creates an experiential, convenient, and immersive customer experience that boosts foot traffic, increases dwell time in the store and enhances the brand experience. All of which are important goals for any segment within the retail vertical, including fashion.
The idea is simple. If shoppers are content- not hungry or thirsty, they’ll shop longer, thus buy more. The concept offers shoppers the convenience of providing two social activities rolled into one. This strategy also gives shoppers an

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