The Art of Retail Holiday Window Displays

Posted Thursday, December 15, 2016

Holiday windows influence 24% of purchases
Holiday windows influence 24% of purchases

Holiday window shopping is a sure way to get anyone into the spirit of the season, even if you’re not a big “shopper”. It’s also an opportunity for brick and mortar retailers to become a destination during the holiday for people that want to see and experience their spectacular window displays. In this respect, holiday window displays are experiential marketing in its earliest form, and it's a tactic that is just as effective as ever.

It’s all about delivering an awesome “customer experience” right? Retailers go all out this time of year to create some pretty amazing displays to elevate themselves beyond a transactional experience and entice people’s imaginations and remind them of the wonders of shopping this time of year.

In New York City, thousands of families have made it a tradition to go see the festive holiday windows every year. A trip to see Macy’s creative windows is an iconic destination that attracts 15,000 people per hour

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