What if the U.S. Had Only 100 Retail Stores?

Posted Friday, June 24, 2016

[Infographic] What if the U.S. had only 100 retail stores? And a retail workforce of just 100 people? And just $100 worth of sales? It would be interesting to see what trends would emerge on this simplified scale.

In this study on the entire retail sector, Retale, a company that specializes in mobile offers that drive consumers into local stores to purchase, they aimed to do just that. The data reveals some surprising results to these questions like:

  • How many, out of 100 employees work in in retail? And what is their gender?
  • How would every $100 be spent? (gas, apparel or food?- it's not what you'd expect)
  • Where do we choose to spend our $100 on groceries? And, along these lines, What types of food are we buying if we had just $100 to spend?
  • How are we paying for our in-store purchases?

Check out the all results in this infographic:


KDM P.O.P Solutions Group supports the retail vertical, including consumer brands and retailers, from

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Unforgettable Retail Brand Experiences Rule

Posted Friday, June 17, 2016

Hershey's Wrap Happiness in-store experience
Hershey's Wrap Happiness in-store experience

submitted by Maureen Gumbert, Marketing Manager ~

In just one short stretch of the Las Vegas Blvd Strip I was able to completely immerse myself into the retail brand experiences of some of the nation’s most well-known brands using all of my senses. I had some time to kill while on a business trip, so I did the tourist thing to do- sightsee and shop. Being in Marketing for KDM, a supplier to the retail industry, my underlining M.O. was to see what’s new. 

The Hershey’s Wrap Happiness Experience

First I headed for Hershey’s Chocolate World. According to their website Hershey’s Las Vegas “is a unique retail experience that offers guests a chance to create their own HERSHEY’S happiness through a variety of interactive experiences.” At the entrance of the store I asked a random tourist to take a photo of me and the candy characters, which I immediately shared via social media (I took the bait).  Once inside the store I passed the

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