11 POP Merchandise Display Design Strategies

Posted Tuesday, September 20, 2016

KDM: Merchandise Display Concept for Beverage Segment
KDM: Merchandise Display Concept for Beverage Segment

[in other words: How to Design your Displays to Move your Products into the Shopping Cart]

The physical store remains the most critical touchpoint to reach and influence consumers to buy products, with 76% to 82% of retail sales taking place in-store (depending on retail segment) according to POPAI (now Shop!).  The global spend on in-store POP Marketing Materials is $20 Billion, which results in over $3 Trillion in spend by consumers. A recent Path to Purchase POP Trends Survey revealed that a typical sales lift from a temporary POP display initiative is 24%. That’s not only important information for Brand Marketers, it’s impressive.

Effective POP merchandising displays are more important now than ever for Consumer Brands to cut through the clutter, break the visual barrier, create an impression, and drive sales in these last 7 seconds. We have compiled 11 design strategies that we believe to be the best practices when designing your displays to assure that your product

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