Pop-Up Shopping Experiences Remain Hot in 2018

Posted Thursday, January 04, 2018

The allure of temporary Pop-Up Shops remains hot
The allure of temporary Pop-Up Shops remains hot

When we last wrote about the growing Pop-Up Retail Shop trend in our 2015 Blog titled “the Allure of Pop-Up Shops” it showed no signs of going away. At the time it was approximately a $10 Billion industry. It has now grown to be a $50 Billion industry just 2+ years later. “Pop-Ups” are right up there with “Voice” and “VR” as the buzz words for 2018 among savvy retail marketers.

The term "Pop-Up Shop" encompasses any type of brick-and-mortar installation or shop that is strictly temporary: here today, gone tomorrow. Pop-Ups come in all shapes, sizes, and locations. These can be in the format of a standalone location, a store-within-a store, a kiosk, and even a mobile vehicle such as a food truck or a roadshow. They are typically employed as a solution to extend a brand’s reach, enter new markets, and introduce new products and services on a local or regional level. Perhaps most importantly though, they offer that unique “shopping

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