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Posted Friday, April 10, 2015

GlobalShop 2015- focusing on the in-store experience
GlobalShop 2015- focusing on the in-store experience

submitted by Maureen Gumbert, Marketing Manager, KDM ~

There was a lot to take in at GlobalShop this year. The retail design industry event is actually five Shows in One: the Store Fixturing Show (millwork, fixtures, shelving), The Visual Merchandising Show (props, shopping bags, mannequins), Store Design and Operations (construction, lighting, flooring), The Digital Store (digital signs, audio, screens) and the At-Retail Marketplace (POP, merchandising displays, plastic fabrication). If I had to sum up what jumped out at me in abundance on the show floor this year in just three words they would be: fabric, lighting, and corrugate.  This is coming from my perspective as Marketing Manager at KDM POP Solutions Group, which is focused on POP, Merchandising and Retail Design solutions.


SEG fabric graphicsSilicone Edge Graphics (SEG) were everywhere! These are graphic panels printed on fabric that has a plastic strip sewn into the edges that slips into a groove on the frame, making it a very

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