FedEx & UPS Changes Could Affect Your POP Marketing Spend

Posted Friday, December 12, 2014

KDM Fulfillment: Kit Packing Large POP Campaign
KDM Fulfillment: Kit Packing Large POP Campaign

Size Does Matter!

Dimensional (DIM) Weight Changes for FedEx & UPS Could Dramatically Affect Your Shipping Costs if You Don’t Take a Proactive Approach

Shipping accounts for approximately 15% of the total cost for a typical in-store POP print campaign or marketing promotion. That adds up! Are you aware that the major parcel carriers are changing their methodology for calculating Ground shipping costs? And that these changes could have a substantial impact on your marketing spend if not proactively evaluated before the calendar turns over to 2015?

The booming eCommerce business model has had a dramatic effect on shipping volumes in the U.S and has obviously benefitted both FedEx and UPS carriers. However, along with the explosion in growth, it has also brought on increased costs for these carriers related to package density. In many cases, what is happening is that shippers are selecting a much larger box than is necessary to safely transport a product. Magnify this by a gazillion

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Cashing In on the Coffee Craze

Posted Tuesday, July 30, 2013

We’ve got a serious coffee addiction. How serious? Americans, on average spend $20 per week on coffee. It’s a mega-trend and its having a profound impact on retail. From restaurants and hotels to gas stations, convenience and grocery stores, retailers are trying to cash in on our coffee addiction. Upscale coffee chain stores are popping up on every corner. Quick serve and fast casual dining restaurants are ramping up their coffee offerings. Groceries are allocating more space to coffee sales and service. Gas stations and convenience stores are upgrading their coffee stations.

The US coffee market is now a $28 billion market. It’s growing annually at an average rate of 5.6% and revenues are expected to reach $33.7 billion by 2018. recently reported that the average American worker now spends about $1,092 per year on coffee - an average of nearly $20 per week. The survey also found that on average, younger workers (a key demographic for retailers) spend $24.72 per

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In Retail, (Store) Size Does Matter

Posted Tuesday, July 09, 2013

It seems five thousand is a magic number in retail right now. Commercial realtors are finding it easier to lease spaces under 5,000 square feet and stores that fit that footprint are doing well. Retailers fitting that profile include restaurants, health food retailers, fitness, and other personal services, which are all experiencing growth. Also fitting that description are many of the luxury retailers who operate out of smaller spaces and generate high sales per square foot.

Commercial, retail real estate struggled through much of the recession. When funding dried up many new developments were mothballed, or worse, work was started but never completed. During that time it was not uncommon to see unfinished, abandoned retail development. Cincinnati, Ohio’s Kenwood Towne Place is a poster child for this problem. In late 2008 work stopped on the $175 million mixed-use project. Contractors walked off the job because they were no longer being paid.

Fast forward five years and things certainly

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Covering Your Bases with an Omni-Channel Approach to Retail Marketing

Posted Thursday, June 27, 2013

Talk to a retail marketer nowadays and it’s likely the word “omni-channel” will quickly enter the conversation. Consumers are a moving target, and the goal of omni-channel marketing (OCM) is to reach them when and where they’re active. But, omni-channel strategies have moved beyond marketing. They’re now being used to drive loyalty, unify channels, improve the user experience, and foster operational excellence.

A recent Platt Retail Institute study found that 83% of retailers with over $500 million in sales, and 67% of all retailers are evaluating or adopting an omni-channel approach.

What exactly is omni-channel retailing and why are so many retailers integrating it into their strategy?

Omni-Channel Marketing’s Evolution
It became apparent that customers now buy in many different ways. Some sales come from in-store and others over the phone. A smart marketer decided to connect the two and “cross-channel” marketing was born. As the number of

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The Power of POP Print Consolidation and Efficient Fulfillment

Posted Thursday, June 06, 2013

Imagine this scenario. The company you work for is a fashion retailer with 1,500 retail locations in the USA and Canada. You’ve got 1,000 flagship stores with many different configurations. Some are located in indoor malls, some are in strip centers, and still others are freestanding locations. You also operate 500 specialty boutiques divided under a few different brand identities.

You run a new in-store point-of-purchase (POP) campaign each month and each store needs POP marketing collateral to reinforce the promotion and drive sales at each location. Each promotion includes a total of 30 components, ranging from displays to window decals, signage, and counter mats. You’re responsible for making sure the components for each campaign are manufactured and delivered to each location. In total, you spend about $5 million per year on POP and fulfillment.

In the past, you’ve determined your needs based on some basic assumptions:

mall stores = 30 components
strip stores = 20

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