KDM PRESENTS: P.O.P University ~ PSV Graphics 101

Posted Monday, April 04, 2016

KDM: Static Cling Window Graphics
KDM: Static Cling Window Graphics

[submitted by Maureen Gumbert, Marketing Manager, KDM] 

Retail businesses have been using their storefront windows as a prime way to advertise and entice potential customers for a couple hundred years. Window Graphics are just one of the most common retail applications for Pressure Sensitive Vinyl; PSV for short. In this educational piece we’ll discuss additional applications, how to decipher which PSV material is best for your application, and give you some installation tips. Lastly, we’ll review 6 of the most popular types of PSV that we use at KDM for most point-of-purchase (P.O.P.) applications. You can Request a KDM PSV Graphic Sample Kit as well.

PSV Graphics are also called Decals, Stickers, Labels, or Clings. Basically, PSV is a print substrate that has an adhesive on the back. The printed decal requires pressure to apply to a surface once the release liner (or backing) is peeled off to expose the adhesive. While the acronym includes the word Vinyl (a thin, flexible

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