Big Data Offers Big Benefits for Retailers

Posted Friday, May 30, 2014

In an omni-channel marketing world, shoppers have come to expect retailers to connect with them at multiple levels and through many platforms in order to deliver a a seamless, even personalized,  shopping experience. These include marketing touchpoints such as email, direct mail, mobile alerts, in-store messaging, online and social media. Big Data is the enormous amount of consumer behavior that is collected based on consumer’s interactions with these touchpoints and their path to purchase.

Brick-and-mortar retailers have invested heavily in data collection software to help them target, engage and retain customers, plan their store environments, mobilize their point-of-sale and improve their speed to market. The consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies that support retailers have made their own investments in an effort to improve the productivity of their sales teams and deliver product more efficiently.

Technology that Collects Big Data is Evolving
Technology is constantly evolving

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Is Showrooming an Insurmountable Threat to Retailers?

Posted Friday, September 27, 2013

KDM custom merchandising display
KDM custom merchandising display

Have you ever visited a store and saw a product you liked, but then purchased it online (usually at a lower price) instead of from the store? That’s called "showrooming". With 106 million people in the U.S. owning a smartphone, consumers can now shop in a brick-and-mortar store with the internet immediately accessible. As a result, retailers are concerned that showrooming will drive more and more customers to leave stores without a trip to the cash register.

A study on the subject released this month by Columbia Business School and Aimia, a company that builds retail loyalty programs, sheds light on how consumers are actually using their mobile devices in-store, and what strategies retailers should consider to engage these mobile-assisted shoppers (M-Shoppers). The study examined 3,000 consumers in the US, UK and Canada.

Sample findings from the study:

  • 21% of all consumers are M-Shoppers, using their mobile device to help them with their purchase decision
  • Only

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