Are Your POP Displays Executed as Planned?

Posted Friday, June 05, 2015

[PHOTO: KDM Drug Channel] Endcap displays are most likely to be executed properly and provide the most sales lift
[PHOTO: KDM Drug Channel] Endcap displays are most likely to be executed properly and provide the most sales lift

Not according to the Compliance Initiative Study.

Multiple studies have proven the importance of in-store POP and displays at influencing purchase decisions and increasing sales lift in-store. Nearly 1 in 6 brand purchases are made when a display with that brand is present in-store according to the 2012 POPAI Shopper Engagement Study. There’s resounding evidence that POP materials remain a critical component in product marketing and driving sales.

BUT, how do you know if the promotional display has been displayed properly in the store, or if it has even been displayed at all? Turns out that compliance, meaning whether or not your POP promotions are displayed in-store as planned, depends on the retail channel, the display type and who is responsible for the display installation.

To shed light on this concern, POPAI partnered with Quri, a provider of retail analytics and insights, to conduct the Compliance Initiative Study, which was released earlier this year. The goal was to uncover a

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Super Bowl In-Store Beverage Displays Score Big

Posted Friday, February 06, 2015

This year’s Super Bowl broke the U.S. television record with over 114 million viewers according to Nielson. This number is up 2 million from the previous highest, which was last year. Often, the biggest draw to watching the Big Game is not the football game itself, but the TV ads. Viewer’s expectations are pretty high given that brand marketers are willing to shell out $4 million for a 30 second spot and a whopping $8 million for a 60 second spot! Of course, brand marketers expect great things too- sales!

What’s a football game without your beverage of choice? As with tradition, there were plenty of great beer and soda commercials this year. In fact, Anheuser-Busch InBev (Budweiser), was the beverage industry’s biggest spender this year with $33.6 million spent on Super Bowl TV ads.

But, for this article’s sake, we wanted to focus on the role and the effect that in-store displays have on lifting sales associated with the Super Bowl. Given that 76% of purchase

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Merchandise Displays Proven to Increase Impulse Buys

Posted Friday, January 23, 2015

KDM: merchandising display proves effective at increasing sales
KDM: merchandising display proves effective at increasing sales

In today's busy and cluttered world, in-store marketers are challenged with attracting shoppers, standing out at the shelf, and increasing spend at the point-of-purchase. At this time last year, we shared some compelling research from the POPAI Mass Merchant Shopper Engagement Study that revealed 82% of Mass Merchant Purchase Decisions are made in store. (Compared to 76% of purchases made in store in the food channel)

The POPAI study also revealed that due to the mind set and behaviors of the shoppers in this segment, in-store merchandising displays play a much more important role at influencing purchase decisions and creating impulse buys. Here is more information released from the study:

  • 34% of Shoppers reported that they do not use any kind of shopping list
  • 47% rely on a mental list
  • 62% of purchases are unplanned, shoppers did not consult any pre-store visit media
  • 16% of unplanned purchases were driven by a display the shopper saw while shopping
  • Only 18% of

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Solving the In-Store P.O.P. Compliance Mystery

Posted Friday, October 10, 2014

HEB Ford tailgate truck cold case coffin display | KDM
HEB Ford tailgate truck cold case coffin display | KDM

50% of retail marketing consumables go straight into the trash. [According to a study titled “Promotion Commotion” by the CMO Council’s Marketing Supply Chain Institute] “Marketing is investing billions in the production of point-of-purchase displays, sales collateral, brochures and in-store materials. There is little regard for the actual targets, locations and resources required to turn these displays into demand creation assets,” noted the CMO Council.

In our recent blog article we spoke about this study and the importance of location-based, Store Profiling Intelligence at reducing wasted POP (point-of-purchase) materials. So, let’s assume you are one of about 50% of retailers and consumer brands surveyed that are leveraging some form of technology to input store profiling attributes and have overcome the challenge to make sure that the right materials arrive to the right store at the right time. Now what?

Multiple studies have proven the importance of in-

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Current Insights Affecting Fashion Retail (Infographic)

Posted Friday, September 26, 2014

As with most retail industry verticals, the fashion retail industry has also undergone the most significant changes it has ever experienced these past few years. The Fashion Retail 2014 Retail Week Report titled “The future of fashion retailing in a digital age”, published in August 2014, brings some exciting news to the world of fashion retail. 

Consumers love to shop for clothing and accessories, so much so that they are using more than 5 channels, with some up to as many as 14, to do their shopping. The brick and mortar store remains at the heart of the omni-channel experience. Retailers must continue to create compelling retail environments, delivering an amazing and amusing shopping experience (as one respondent claimed), as well as quality products to engage shoppers in this saturated market. 

This report consists of quantitative consumer data from UK shoppers, along with interviews with fifteen fashion industry leaders. Our 2014 Fashion Retail

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