4 Reasons QR Codes Are Not Dead

Posted Friday, September 19, 2014

KDM merchandising display with QR code
KDM merchandising display with QR code

Is the Use of QR Codes at the Point of Purchase Dead?

We don't think so...

It appears the conception among the retail marketing community is that QR (Quick Response) codes are dead. As a point-of-purchase printing manufacturer, we continue to see the use of these codes on POP materials and merchandising displays day in and day out. They don’t appear to be dead from our viewpoint.

While QR codes may not be increasing in popularity as a retail mobile marketing strategy as rapidly as they were just a few years ago, they are still being widely used effectively at retail. According to QRstuff.com, nearly 52% of QR codes are indeed scanned in the U.S., with California taking the lead in scan volume.

The better question may just be: “Has the way QR codes are being utilized gone dead?” Let's hope so. Many consumers found that they were wasting their time by taking (the whole) 30 seconds to scan the code, than be disappointed as to where they landed after that.

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