Best Practices for Creating Effective Retail Signage

Posted Tuesday, August 23, 2016

KDM Custom Wood Planked Logo Signage
KDM Custom Wood Planked Logo Signage

Visual Merchandisers and Store Designers are striving to appeal to today’s shoppers by creating an awesome in-store shopping experience to compete with the upward growth of online shopping. And they are planning to invest more in retail signage and graphics as part of this goal. In fact, 45% of retailers plan to spend more on store signage and graphics in 2016 than they did last year, according to the 2016  A.R.E. | POPAI Purchasing Forecast survey. The survey also revealed that 14% plan to spend “significantly” more and 88% of independent, single-store owners will increase their signage budgets as well.

For good reason. Study after study shows that retail signage is highly effective at influencing and driving sales and that shoppers remember signage as part of the shopping experience. Whether for branding, information, navigation or promotion, retail signage plays a vital role in the retail environment.

In this KDM Blog article we’ll discuss the types of

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