5 Ways to Make Your P.O.P Campaigns More Sustainable

Posted Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Earth Day is April 22nd
Earth Day is April 22nd

Save the Earth! Save Money! In honor of Earth Day, we’d like to share five simple ways you can tap into your supply chain for eco-friendly, sustainable options for your point-of-purchase (P.O.P) campaign needs. 


Heavier is not always better. You may consider specifying a 10pt vs. 12pt cardstock, a 10oz vs. a 12oz vinyl or .040 vs .060 styrene to reduce your printing, packaging, and shipping costs.

Size of your final printed piece. You may get a better yield on the substrate sheet and/or on press by altering the finished size of your P.O.P materials or your merchandise display dimensions for best fit and for cost effective shipping purposes. The latter is just as important considering the newer DIM weight shipping rules.

Eco-Friendly Options. Pre-consumer recycled materials are available for screen, offset, large format and small format digital printing methods with varying recycled content up to 50% depending on the print process. And, there

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How to Integrate Sustainability into Retail’s Future

Posted Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Retail Horizons Program Provides Tools to Drive Sustainable Change

Sustainability efforts at the retail level have historically been good for brands, their wallets and Mother Earth. Retailers and CPG brands are seeing significant business benefits from their sustainability programs, ranging from improved employee loyalty to decreased costs to more resilient supply chains.

The challenge is that the world is changing in ways that will have a profound effect on the retail industry over the next 15 years. Some are foreseeable with a high degree of likelihood; such as our population will grow older and more diverse, water and other key resource materials will likely become more scarce and expensive, and consumer expectations for speed and transparency will increase.

In honor of Earth Day on April 22nd, we thought we’d share the outcome of the year-long, 2014 Retail Horizons program, led by the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) and Forum for the Future, and sponsored by Target and

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KDM offers new HP FB225 Scitex Inks: GREENGUARD Children & School Certified.

Posted Monday, October 31, 2011

KDM has upgraded its HP Scitex FB7500 high speed digital flatbed press to the new HP FB7600 platform including the new HP FB225 Scitex  UV inks. As a Beta site for the press upgrade and the new ink system, KDM is happy to report less odor and better ink adhesion on the previously more challenging substrates such as polycarbonates. In addition to higher productivity, the new ink system is GREENGUARD Children & School Certified. You can view the KDM interview conducted at the SGIA press conference on You Tube.


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A Green alternative to foam board

Posted Friday, June 25, 2010

Traditional foam boards (foamed styrene core with clay paper coating) have been an economical, short-term display choice with a decent appearance for many years. However, the short comings have been overlooked: this display board cannot be recycled. Enviro-Green Board is a solution. It is designed to look and print like a traditional foamboard, but it is made of recycled paper and is completely recyclable. At KDM, we like that it's warp resistant, rigid enough for free standing signage, lightweight and economical.

This material can be used on our screen and digital presses. It is made of recycled paper board with a high-gloss clay paper laminate. Available in 1/8" and 1/4". This board should never make it to the dump.

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Healthy UV Printing

Posted Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Screen-printing was one of the earliest adopters of UV inks. Having been a screen-printer for 38 years- we are way ahead of the Green Scene, making great strides in being both environmentally and employee safety conscious. Add to that, economically efficient. The UV inks we currently use at KDM for offset and large format digital UV printing, in addition to screen-printing, provide these beneficial characteristics:

  • 100% solids and non-toxic once cured
  • emit almost no VOCs
  • use less energy to cure compared to solvent-based inks
  • optimized to print on faster printing presses
  • stable printing- allowing us to reach optimal color
  • reproduction faster and more consistantly

Ink is a small part of the overall finished print. There is more to be gained by using sustainable substrates. Contact us for information on recyclable, reusable, renewable, or biodegradable substrate options.

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