How Hotels Are Leveraging Their Retail Space

Posted Friday, August 09, 2013

Hotel marketing is about more than just attempting to lure business and vacation travelers. They’re also focused on selling businesses, organizations and families on the benefits of hosting their meetings, conventions, and events at their properties. Beyond that, some hotels are even rethinking their retail and common spaces, in an effort to make the hotel more of a destination for locals, while maximizing the value of their staying guests.

Consider the renaissance of boutique hotels like 21c. The 21c Museum Hotels were designed with the idea of integrating contemporary art into everyday life, inviting visitors to experience cutting edge contemporary art, southern hospitality and culinary experiences, rich with local flavor. 21c focuses on smaller markets across Kentucky, Ohio, Arkansas, and North Carolina. While each 21c location is designed to be different, they’re all focused on appealing to out-of-town and local customers. The renowned Hard Rock Hotel is very good at leveraging

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