2016 Back-to School Retail Shopping Expectations

Posted Friday, August 05, 2016

(BTS) Back-to-School and College is easily the second biggest shopping season of the year with a total combined spend expected to reach $75.8 billion this year, up from $68 Billion in. (second to the winter holidays).

According to the annual National Retail Federation’s (NRF) Back-to-School Survey shoppers are expecting to spend an average of $674 on school (K-12) and college supplies. Shoppers will spend 65% of these budgets on apparel ($235) and electronics ($204) in the weeks leading up to the start of school. Spending on shoes is expected to be $127 and school supplies $108.

And you can bet shoppers will be looking for deals. 56% of shoppers look for savings when shopping for back-to-school. Nearly 1 in 3 parents say they look for more savings when back-to-school shopping than other times of the year. NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay said, “We fully expect retailers to be aggressive with offering great deals both in stores and online for back to school shoppers. And retailers

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Lawn & Garden Retail Marketing Trends

Posted Monday, April 14, 2014

IMAGE SOURCE: The Home Depot
IMAGE SOURCE: The Home Depot

No One Wants Plastic Flowers and a Concrete Lawn ~ 

Power equipment and consumables, such as fertilizer, seeds, and mulch remain top revenue items for lawn and garden retailers. However, consumers are spending more leisure time outdoors and immersing themselves in nature and organic lifestyles. They are investing in patio furniture, grills and accessories to personalize these spaces, fueling a record growth in demand for these items. According to the Garden Media Group’s 2014 Garden Trends Report they predict several consumer trends for retailers to watch and capitalize on in 2014:

  • Decorating the yard with accessories like birdfeeders and throw pillows to make it personable
  • Creating composts is the new recycling
  • Growing more produce at home to be used for smoothies, hops for home brewing and grapes to make homemade wine
  • Decorating with more houseplants in offices, schools and hospitals (see our Retail Design Trends blog regarding the use of plant life in retail

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The Secrets to Building a Great Brand

Posted Friday, March 21, 2014

One of the most important and challenging aspects for retailers these days is building your brand. We’ve seen many failures recently, like Blockbuster and Barnes and Noble, while others struggle to survive, such as JC Penney. According to the 2014 Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Engagement Index (CLEI), consumer expectations are rising, and many brands are not keeping up with those consumer expectations.

Brands such as Victoria’s Secret, Nike, Whole Foods and Apple have stood out among their competitors as brands that have been successful in building a great brand with amazing consumer loyalty. Consumers have emotionally engaged with these brands across multi-channels, creating a connection associated with “brand buzz”, the “shopping experience”, and the “value for dollar”. 

The traditional, mass messaging that marketers have relied upon for decades is no longer effective. A new arsenal of techniques has been adopted and is proving to be

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The Future of Retail: Takeaways from the NRF Big Show

Posted Friday, February 21, 2014

Last month, nearly 30,000 people attended the NRF (National Federation of Retailers) Retail’s Big Show in New York City to hear some of retail’s most influential trendsetters speak on the biggest topics in the retail environment today.  Resonating themes at this year’s show were innovation, technology, and the future of retail.

The show featured 278 speakers, to include higher ups at top retailers and consumer brand companies: Nordstrom, Footlocker and Life is Good to name a few.  Topics revolved around the ever-changing world of retail, and ways that retailers should continue evolving to keep up with how today’s consumer shop. 


We’ve put together a list of out top takeaways fron Retails Big Show that hit home with us in regards to the future of retail:

1. Connecting with the Mobile Consumer is Key

Marketers need to stay on top of retail trends such as mobile shopping and technology. In the session titled

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Millennials Stand Behind Brands that Stand for Something

Posted Friday, January 17, 2014

photo source: beautystalkerswordpress.com
photo source: beautystalkerswordpress.com

Making shoppers feel good about their purchases has a powerful effect on the purchase decision
Seems consumer brands and retailers are all following the trend of promoting their cause marketing efforts at the store level via point-of-purchase, merchandising displays, and even on their packaging. Research shows that supporting a cause is an effective way for brands to catch the attention of shoppers, in particular the Millennial population, turning them into advocates for the brand. According to a recent article in Ad Age,  Millennials will seek out and support brands that align with their own personal values. 

How a cause marketing campaign can help your brand while supporting a bigger cause
The 2012 annual global study by Edelman explored consumer attitudes around social purpose, and what their expectations were of America’s brands and corporations. Here is some of the staggering findings from the research:

  • 89% of global consumers take part in activities that address

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