Digital Signage Technology at the Point-of-Purchase

KDM P.O.P. Solutions Group has added Digital Signage technology to our arsenal of custom POP solutions. We are poised to provide turnkey solutions for our clients Digital Signage needs. Depending on your marketing goals and the unique in-store location requirements, a typical digital signage project might include:

1. Display – LCD is most common, and commercial grade is recommended. Many specialty displays are also available as needed (tablets, weather resistant, ect)

2. Media Player Device – Often a small form factor PC or appliance that runs content and images to the display. This could even be a tablet for mobile campaigns.

3. The Content – Perhaps the most important element! A strategic messaging campaign with media such as video, flash, HTML, Jpeg/Gif graphics, live TV, RSS and more are common.

4. Networking – Ethernet or WiFi is most common, however 4g cellular may also be a feasible option.

5. Content Management - To manage media, playlists, schedules and manage each screen/player. Keeping the content updated regularly. This can be done remotely via a cloud.

6. Mounting Bracket – Most often includes wall, pole, ceiling, shelf or movable cart. Often with a housing or method to hold the media player device.

7. Installation and Service.

We offer high quality commercial grade hardware built for a longer lifespan and lower total cost of ownership. There are many stock items that fit 80% of the projects. Otherwise, we can custom build a solution that suits your needs. We have relationships with the largest distributor networks in digital signage hardware.

Our KDM Retail division can design, build and install a retail display, kiosk or store fixture to house your digital signage.

Digital signage can provide a relevant message

Digital signage gives your brand a fast and easy way to get your message out there and influence the buying decision at the point-of-purchase.

Easy: with remotely controlled content distribution, programming and playback, your options are limitless

Effective: your messages are impactful and relevant - you gain the ability to add emotion to your messages to consumers with audio, video and animation

Efficient: digital signage is instant and offers the ability to change promotions immediately - something that is not available with static signage

Endless possibilities in the retail environment

  • Provide entertainment
  • Product advertisements and demos
  • Communications tool such as news and weather updates
  • Boost staff morale, recognize achievement, inform of event schedules
  • Can function as a profit center by selling advertising space to suppliers or vendors
  •  Run campaigns at pre-determined time blocks during the day, such as Happy Hour

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