INTELLITRAK Allows You to Streamline Your POP Marketing Campaigns

INTELLITRAK™ is our online procurement and project management technology. It is a vital business tool that helps you to streamline the ordering process for your point-of-purchase, sales materials and brand promotional products. Our proprietary software is customized for the way you do business.

  • Streamline the ordering process
  • Cost efficiencies in production by consolidation of orders
  • Reduce errors and redundancies in ordering
  • Distribution scheduling
  • Offers quick quotes on custom projects
  • Inventory management with real time reports
  • Provides valuable ROI intelligence with custom dashboards and reports
  • Fully integrated with our on-site fulfillment
  • Mobile friendly interface

Local Marketing tools to help you succeed at retail

One size does not fit all. Reduce waste and get better results on compliance with the installation and use of your point-of-purchase materials at the store level by implementing store profiling. KDM can assign a store profile to each of your unique retail locations to ensure that they receive the correct POP print materials or branded items

  • Print on Demand
  • View and approve marketing materials purchased by each store location
  • Only allow items that apply to that location to be available for order online
  • Upload and store digital assets like artwork, planograms and other critical, location specific information

Intelligent tracking of POP materials with QR Codes

Can you put a dollar amount on the sales lost if a P.O.P. kit does not reach or is not being displayed at the store level? How would you know?

  • A unique QR (Quick Response) code containing the order details is generated on your packing slips
  • The store level personnel are empowered to scan the QR code to confirm receipt or report any issues
  • Immediate notification is sent to your INTELLITRAK™ Support Team (IST) at KDM
  • If any action is needed, replacement items or additional items are shipped immediately
  • Via the INTELLITRAK™ console, you will know now (not several days or weeks later) which locations have or have not yet confirmed receipt

INTELLITRAK was developed internally by our own POP experts

While other companies use a boxed program developed by software companies, we’ve pushed our online ordering system beyond the basics. Utilizing more than 40 years of point-of-purchase experience, our team of software developers created INTELLITRAK and can customize it to meet your needs.

Because our software developers are continually upgrading and updating INTELLITRAK, all of our customers benefit from these continual updates. You receive access to new features, some of them requested by Fortune 500 companies, just for being a part of the KDM program.

Take online ordering to the next level – store profiling, distribution scheduling and custom dashboards and reports to monitor the ROI of your point-of-purchase program.

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