KDM Partners with Adopt-A-Class Mentoring Program

February 2, 2016

KDM employees interact with the children at Parker Woods Montessori

KDM employees interact with the children at Parker Woods Montessori

KDM P.O.P. Solutions Group has partnered with the Adopt-A-Class (AAC) Foundation in Cincinnati; a non-profit, group mentoring program that connects businesses and organizations with local classrooms. The program's goal is to inspire a corporate culture of teamwork, philanthropy and hope and a future vision of what is possible for the youth in our community.

“Gone are the days when we can fool ourselves into thinking we are preparing children for college, careers, and life by just focusing on academics. We must teach, model and practice the very skills that the world demands students master: Confidence, perseverance, recognizing and controlling emotions, goal-setting, empathy, civility, building and nurturing relationships, and making good decisions are essential skills for us and our children.” [Jonathan Raymond]

Several employees, representing a range of departments within KDM - including Print Production, Pre-Press, Estimating, Project Management,  Human Resources, IT and Marketing, gather once a month and head to Parker Woods Montessori to host activities with the school children in the 3rd through 5th grades. 

AAC's Executive Director, Julie Shifman, visited Parker Woods along with the KDM Team and had this to say about the afternoon with the children,  "[KDM staff] really made a difference with these kids.  First they explained what a printing company does and passed around lots of samples.  Then they had the kids create an art project.  You should have seen the kids faces when they told them they would get to see their pictures on a personal memo pad at the field trip to KDM in April.  All nine of the team members expressed how much they enjoyed being with the kids and how appreciative they were to work for a company that let them make a difference. "

One of young boys raised his hand and asked if the KDM staff could all come back every week instead of waiting another month! We'd like to think that means we are making a difference :-)

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