Why Choose 3D Displays With KDM


KDM is proud to announce that we have added 3D Displays to our products. We are now offering 3D Display Stands and Point of Purchase Display Design Services. Do you want to make a lasting impression on your customers? KDM can help you create your 3D POP displays in a new and exciting way to show off your brand and bring in new and loyal customers. We want to help you reach your marketing goals along with driving your bottom line into a new dimension.


Our 3D Display Services

■  Customizable 3D Displays

■  Standing 3D Displays

■  Promotional Giveaways

■  Complete Walls

■  Full Photo Realism

■  Sensory Detailing

■  Durability

■  Pole Toppers


■  Mounted 3D Displays

■  Consumer 3D Displays

■  Gifting

■  Eco-Friendly

■  High-Quality Print Finish

■  Brand Matching

■  Posters

■  Backboards


How 3D Helps Your Business

3D A Step Above Your Competitors

The main advantage of a 3D display is that you will be able to feel as if the objects you see on the design come to life! This will offer your customers a sensational buying experience. Using a 3D design custom created for your Point of Purchase is a unique and creative way to boost engagement and brand awareness. 3D displays are changing the way businesses are changing the face of their brand.

■  3D Displays Will Increase Your Point-of-Purchase

■  3D Creates a Sensational Buying Experience for You Customers

■  3D Technology Can be Integrated Directly Into Your Current Marketing Plans and Promotions

■  3D Displays Show Off Your Brand and Will Bring In New and Loyal Customers

Beat Your Competition


The retail space is over saturated with imagery – messaging, advertisements, signage, posters, screens, you name it – and no matter where you are shopping, there are hundreds of brands fighting for attention. With such a fight for visual space, how can your product or display stand above the rest and truly “POP”? When correctly done 3D displays will increase your point of purchase marketing campaigns which in turn will drive larger profit margins.

■  3D Displays are Custom Made For Your Business

■  3D Displays Are Low Cost In Comparison To Solids Plastics, Inflatables, and Thermoforming

■  3D Technology Can be Integrated Directly Into Your Current Marketing Plans and Promotions

■  3D Displays are Sustainable, Durable, and Recyclable With A Low Carbon Footprint


3d picture of a Hennessey bottle of alcohol

How To Order Your 3D Displays



KDM offers a streamline process to assist you in your order of a 3D display from us. You have two choices.

We want to make this process as easy as possible for you.  Printing can be tricky when ordering online, but with KDM, you get a full team assigned to your project.  Your team consists of a sales representative, a project manager, our design team, and our printing team. This is a big decision for companies to make and our goal is to help your company grow its customer base.


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This is what happens when our ONE KDM team works together to create and innovate. “If you can vision it, we can build it.”

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