At KDM, we employ sustainable practices in all facets of our business—from print materials to interoffice recycling. Here are some ways we work every day to reduce our impact on the environment.

Sustainably Sourced Paper

We use sustainably sourced materials whenever possible. KDM sources our paper-based materials from vendors that are FSC certified, which ensures that the products we use in our print collateral come from responsibly managed forests.

Eco-Friendly UV Inks

We proudly use ultraviolet (UV) ink in many printing projects. Unlike solvent-based ink, printing with UV ink keeps harmful toxins out of the air and dries instantly. Additionally, UV ink easily absorbs onto a variety of surfaces and is incredibly resilient, resulting in durable, high-quality print pieces.

Efficient Workflow

Our innovative INTELLITRAK™ technology and print-on-demand services allow you to only print the quantities you need, when you need them—which saves you excess printing costs and reduces waste.

Energy Efficiency

Utilizing LED light bulbs and halogen in all of KDM’s production facilities saves energy and cost. Additionally, our machines are powered down when not in use so energy is conserved.

KDM is committed to the environment and encourages our employees and partners to use sustainable practices whenever possible. Our commitment also requires constant education and innovation to better understand advances in technology that can help reduce our impact on the environment.

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