Partitions + Barriers

Provide safety and reassurance without slowing down business.

Ideal for businesses that serve the public and are deemed essential during COVID-19, our safety partitions and barriers help maintain physical distance per CDC guidelines and guard against infectious respiratory droplets produced by coughing and sneezing. 

Our countertop solutions feature a crystal clear acrylic barrier with the option of a convenient pass-through window that is easy to disinfect. Add graphics and/or lettering to customize your message. Designed for quick assembly and installation by in-store personnel, our partitions and barriers are a practical solution for public health in a time of uncertainty.

Download our sales sheets on economy, QSR and plexiglass safety partitions and barriers or scroll down to learn more.

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Safeguard your employees and customers at:

  • Grocery store checkouts
  • QSR drive-thrus
  • Pharmacy counters
  • Teller windows in financial institutions

Our safety partitions + barriers feature:

  • Piece of mind for customers and front-line employees
  • High clarity
  • Solid plexiglass 
  • Option to add fixed or adjustable opening
  • Easy cleaning
  • Ability to cut to size with standard tools
  • Sheets that can be run to size

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