We don't just help brands deliver smart marketing, we help you Market Smarter.

What does it mean to Market Smarter?

To us, it means utilizing proprietary technology that optimizes your promotional campaigns and localized marketing. It means having almost 50 years of customer-centered, print production experience. It means ensuring your marketing materials are executed and delivered with precision. With KDM as your retail marketing partner, you can maximize in-store impact, increase year-over-year sales and build brand recognition to Market Smarter.

Effective marketing is a result of an intelligent strategy. That is why innovation is at the heart of KDM’s retail marketing solution—INTELLITRAK™. Our proprietary online ordering and project management platform is streamlined, intuitive and designed with the client in mind. With INTELLITRAK, clients control and localize marketing strategies through store profiling intelligence, print-on-demand features, real-time inventory management and more.

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Deep industry expertise guides our team so we can determine the best materials for the right environment every time. Insights by INTELLITRAK—including inventory levels, purchasing patterns and campaign performance—help inform these decisions so you can feel certain about the marketing execution choices you make. Our goal—help retail brands and store locations maximize sales at the point-of-purchase and keep customers coming back for more.

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A good strategy is only as good as its execution. That’s why we pride ourselves on delivering high quality, on-brand marketing materials and store environments to some of the most recognized names in the retail industry. With KDM in your corner, you will gain an effective partner for every aspect of your in-store marketing agenda.

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