7 Reasons Why You Need 3D Displays

3D displays are custom made for your business.

Do you want to have an advantage over your competitors?  Are you interested in driving more revenue for your business?  Does your brand need a new look?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this blog is a must read for you.  KDM has a new technology (links to 3d displays arrive blog) that is causing a huge commotion in the printing industry.  You might ask yourself why you need a custom 3D display?  We have 7 reasons why.

3D displays will increase your point of purchase

Effective 3D point of purchase displays have many advantages in stores and  can help both retailers and buyers to engage with your brand even more. 3D point of purchase displays have been shown to increase sales at retail establishments as much as 20 percent! (links to how to order your 3d designs blogs) Promoting your product well in retail is something that every brand must master if they want to increase their revenue.

3D technology can be integrated easily

We know you have a great product, and that you want to communicate that to as many potential customers as possible. There is a lot you could say, but it is hard to fit it all onto a small aisle sign or on your packaging. This is where your 3D point of purchase displays come into play. In addition to making your brand simpler to find in the stores, they provide you more space to better inform buyers on the exceptional value that your products offer. This can be accomplished by simply making your brand’s come to life with a 3D display that is bigger in design and stands out among the hundreds of other competitors.

3D Displays show off your brand

Brand recognition is an important part of your marketing strategy for 3D floor displays. The store shelves are stocked full of thousands of products which can easily confuse consumers. 3D point of purchase displays (links to 3d Page) play a critical role in drawing attention to your specific products. 3D displays can be used to promote products that are on sale.  They can promote new and updated products designs; all the while standing out from shelves crammed with your competitors’ products.

3D displays are cost effective

Purchasing an ad for your brand on most media advertising platforms is always very costly. 3D point of purchase displays such as standees or mounted displays make it is easier to target to a more significant audience who will be immediately attracted by your advertising because it is right in front of them to purchase.

3D displays are sustainable

3D point of purchase displays are extremely sustainable, sturdy, and recyclable with a low carbon footprint.  The main advantage of using this technology is the unbelievable sensory realism in a 3D display minus any of the environmental worries associated with expensive old school plastics and landfill structures.

3D displays are cost effective

Now that you have learned about 3D point of purchase and have seen some unique examples of 3D displays, how can you implement it with respect to your own brand?  This is a great opportunity to get creative with your marketing plan. Experiment with many ways to grab the most attention from your buyers. Many competitor brands are going to be displayed as well, so find something that will set yours apart from the rest.

Point of purchase is key to increasing your sales and improving your overall performance at retail and store locations. Follow these tips and use ideas from these great examples to completely dominate the retail space!

Now that you have learned about 3D point of purchase and have seen some unique examples of 3D displays, you are probably asking yourself, how can I get started in respect to my own brand?  KDM can help and we bet your competition is not doing this yet! Contact us today!


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