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Retail + Interior Design

Innovative. Retail + Interior Design. Solutions.

KDM helps your business with innovative retail solutions. KDM’s decades of expertise, flawless execution, and cutting-edge technology drive our innovative retail solutions. With proven experience and an eye on the future, clients trust KDM to deliver innovative retail solutions that allow their businesses to provide lifelong experiences to their customers

Strategically headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio with a footprint of six manufacturing facilities across North America, we are uniquely positioned to deliver the quality products to support our clients for succeeding in the fast-paced retail vertical environment.

Our Retail + Interior Design Services

■  Interior Decor

■  Wayfinding Signage

■  Custom Builds

■  Store Fixtures

■  Store Accessory Fixture Hardware

■  Shelving Systems

■  Furniture

■  Showcase and Jewelry Displays

■  Apparel Racks

■  Metal Displays

■  Checkout Lanes and Counters

■  Face Outs

■  Sign and Literature Holders

■  Cash Wraps

■  Detailed Installation

■  Prototyping


■  Casework

■  Millwork

■  Design

■  Global Procurement

■  Peg Hooks

■  Shelving Accessories

■  End Caps

■  Kiosk and Islands

■  Apparel Hardware

■  Wire Displays

■  Bar and Beverage Stations

■  Divider Fences

■  Gondola, Slatwall and Peg Board Displays

■  Project Management

■  Engineering

■  Inventory Management and Distribution

Retail + Interior Design With KDM

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KDM’s Interior Design And Retail Solutions

KDM’s retail solutions can bring your brand to life in the retail environment. We specialize in designing exciting, innovative retail environments. Our retail experts work with you to realize your vision and marketing goals through fresh and modern retail environment designs that inspire shoppers and set your brand apart.

KDM provides comprehensive design services for the retail environment: including discovery and design consultations, strategic planning, conceptual design ideation, retail store fixture design, casework and millwork, permanent merchandising displays, store decor, and so much more. Our flexible production capabilities provide single store decor and fixture solutions as well as large volume production.

Retail Store Environments


Gone are the days of cookie-cutter franchises. We provide the flexibility and knowledge to market on a local level to engage your communities. KDM helps you create compelling, localized retail environments that provide meaningful brand experiences and motivate your targeted guests to stay longer, spend more, and return. Whether you need an entirely new retail environment design, a store remodel, or engaging merchandising displays, KDM can customize to your specification to add value to your customers while in your store.

■  Detailed Installation                                       ■ Engineering

■  Custom Builds and Prototyping                  ■  Project Management

■  Inventory Management + Distribution      ■  Global Procurement


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Decor + Fixtures With KDM

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KDM’s skilled team of designers and craftspeople work hard to perfect your retail environments. Our interior retail decor program focuses on the little details that bring life to individual locations, from design and fabrication to production and installation. Quality construction and fabrication are essential since your decor and fixtures will have to stand up to high-volume everyday use.

  Signage Graphics

  Lighted Signage

  Wayfinding Signage

  Aisle Signage

KDM Not Only Crafts


■  Environment Design Discovery & Design Consultations 

■  Permanent Merchandising Displays

■  Custom Builds and Prototyping

■  Detailed Installations

■  Casework and Millwork

■  Cross Trained for Installation

■  Excellence of Signage, Casework, Store Fixtures

■  Excellence in Architectural Decor Elements

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Flexible Production With KDM

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We Work With You And Your Business

Our flexible production capabilities provide single store decor and fixture solutions as well as large volume production.

  Showcases and Jewelry Displays                                                         

  Bar and Beverage Stations

  Kiosks and Islands

  Permanent Merchandising Displays

  End Caps

  Concepts to Rollout Programs

Millwork Vs. Casework: How We Help In Design

Many designs incorporate millwork and casework into them. Millwork can be described as woodworking or building where a product is created in a mill. Standard millwork products include doors, molding, and trim. Casework is typically a word used to describe box-shaped woodworking. Examples of casework products would be cabinetry, bookcases, and shelving. The significant difference between casework and millwork to understand is that millwork is commonly custom-made, and casework is not.

Store Environments at KDM

Family owned. Client centered solutions. Innovation minded.

Every retail location is unique. At KDM, we understand that one solution does not fit all stores. That is why we work with you to craft permanent merchandising displays, store fixtures, signage, and decor that compliments your footprint. We can help you create a consistent brand experience at multiple locations with distinct store layouts from design and fabrication to production and installation.

■  Spaces That Create Brand Loyalty

■  New Environments Designs

■  Extending Current Store Environments

■  Franchise Operations

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Dining With KDM

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KDM can design and build out an interior of your restaurant from the bar, tables, chairs, counters, etc. or spruce up a location with fresh wall graphics, seating, fixtures and casework. We help franchisees successfully replicate the environment with brand standards, layout planning, on-site fabrication, and installation.

  Brand Compliant Designs

  Tables and Booths

  POS Counters

  Host/Hostess Stations

■  Serving Counters

Retail + Interior Design Portfolio

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