KDM Welcomes the Fuji Inca X3 Digital Printer

Meet the newest digital printer in the KDM family.

We are excited to announce the arrival of a state-of-the-art digital printer from Fuji.  It is the Fuji Inca X3 printer.  KDM has been working on this acquisition for over a year.  We are very excited at the capabilities of the printer and the service we will be able to offer our customers.

We welcomed the printer in March to our Cincinnati, Ohio location – KDM, one of the foremost digital print companies, is pleased to announce the addition of the new, high-speed, Inca Onset X3 digital printer to its current wide range of printing capabilities. The new printer is equipped with the latest technology to accommodate high-volume, quick-turn projects and boost overall production capacity.

fuji inca x3 digital printer being installed
The Fuji Inca X3 Digital Printer being installed at KDM.

The Inca X3

The innovative Inca X3, manufactured by Fujifilm America, provides long runs of high-quality print. The Fuji Printer has superb consistency and reliability on materials.  The specs on the material are 63 x 126″ max sheet size and max caliper thickness of up to 1.8″. It offers nearly double the speed of many digital printers and it expands typical color gamut to include direct printing of white inks–no need for silk screen. The X3 allows for print-run versioning and variable finishing, from dull to satin and  gloss.

Bob Kissel, President/CEO of KDM, commented, “KDM is excited to add the Fuji Inca X3 press to our production fleet in support of our expanding digital printing business. We are continuing to broaden our solutions capabilities and invest in industry-leading innovation.  This will  meet client needs and drive positive consumer outcomes.”

Bob Kissel, President/CEO of KDM, in front of printer
Bob Kissel, President/CEO of KDM with the new Fuji Inca X3 Digital printer.

Capabilities of the Fuji Inca X3 Printer

  • Capable of printing at up to 922m² /hour (equivalent to 180 full-bed sheets/hour). Users of analogue screen-printing lines can take the digital route, confident they can print long runs of high-quality print with superb consistency and reliability. The 14 channels feature three sets of CMYK plus an additional choice of white (W) or orange (O).
  • Automation Options-Utilizes robotic technology to offer solutions for different production and material handling requirements.  This  includes: Lay table and Unload Robot, Hostert® Loader and Unload Robot, or Dual Robot.
robotic are being installed with a large format digital printer
The Fuji Inca X3 Digital printer has a robotic arm.
  • FUJIFILM Dimatix Spectra™ Printheads-Deliver exceptional drop placement accuracy and reliability. The printer uses the 14-picolitre printhead and the white 40-picolitre recirculating printhead to provide optimum print speed and quality.
  • FUJIFILM Uvijet Inks- Offers high quality range of inks to suit different applications and materials.
  • IncaConnect-Compatible with IncaConnect, which offers a powerful suite of tools to allow remote job setup and offers detailed production monitoring. Other features include:  bespoke automation, and integration into existing MIS and prepress systems.

The new printer has been installed at KDM’s Cincinnati facility and is already fully operational. With an ongoing commitment to provide best-in-class POP execution, KDMPOP is expected to continue enhancing its core creative and print manufacturing capabilities well into 2022 and beyond.  KDM is excited to bring your large format printing to life.  Reach out today to get your print designs created!


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