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Countertop POP Displays

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Countertop displays give your business an advantage as products can be displayed excitingly near the register. Utilizing a countertop display is a great way to boost business sales and increase customer purchasing.

Some advantages of the countertop displays we create at KDM Pop include:

  Lightweight choices

  Weight-bearing displays

  Collapsible and disposable stands

  Easy transportation

  Customizable holders for any client need

Creative Ideas to Sell More With Less


At KDM Pop, we specialize in creating quality countertop displays to make your merchandise accessible for all of your customer’s needs. With the addition of countertop mirrors, jewelry store displays, and portable display cases, your business can offer various options to display products throughout the store and increase sales. When you’re looking to find the best displays for your products, be sure to keep KDM Pop in mind.

Not every business has the floor space to display their products to their fullest potential, and that is okay! At KDM Pop, we work with our clients to create display solutions that maximize their space at the right price. Whether you’re looking for vertical display shelving or stackable and collapsible semi-permanent displays, we can develop solutions for your business.

Our custom countertop displays create an engaging store environment that allows customers to shift their focus directly to your products. Our award-winning point-of-purchase displays will showcase your products effectively in any store environment you have. At KDM Pop, you can choose from various temporary, semi-permanent, or permanent display solutions. We work with our clients to meet the needs of their business and products through our custom displays. Our clients rest assured knowing that we do everything in our power to create solutions tailored to them. With a KDM Pop countertop display, your products will be enhanced and showcased, allowing your customers to have a memorable and distinctive experience.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at KDM Pop for more information regarding your business’s needs. We are always here to help. Give us a call!

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Custom Counter Displays Help

Products Gain Exposure

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Custom counter displays help bring exposure to merchandise that might not get as much attention alone. If customers are already purchasing products, they are typically more inclined to buy a counter-displayed product last minute when those products are displayed professionally. When counter displays are customized, there is value- added that you cannot get from a run-of-the-mill display. The more creatively your products are displayed, the more intriguing they are to a customer at your shop. Keeping counter displays stocked full of products is also an effective strategy for increasing impulse sales and adding value to your business.

When customers wait in line to check out, they have time to learn about your products when a store checkout display is utilized. Keeping your counter displays visually interesting with bold words and fun colors will attract the customer’s eye and ultimately help drive up sales. Providing easy-to-read information on your custom counter displays is a great way to make use of valuable retail space. Unlike racks and shelves, counter displays are the perfect way to display smaller products. They are an affordable way to showcase smaller merchandise in an area with not much room. Making the display interactive through digital features is another option that can help promote products and make them exciting for customers.

At KDM Pop, we provide a variety of services that can benefit your company and help sell your products. Contact us for more information on our many different countertop displays and price options!

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