Innovative and creative Brand Marketers, P.O.P Designers and Manufacturers prepared their most impressive in-store marketing activations and merchandise display entries for the 2017 Design of the Times (DOT) Awards Competition. This contest has been a retail industry tradition for more than 20 years.


Stella Artois Holiday Door Display Named Best of the Times for 2018

A panel of over 50 consumer brand marketers and retail professionals gathered in July to judge 100’s of entries across 13 retail channels to determine the finalists. The judging for the DOT Competition is based on how well the display achieved its objective at the point-of-purchase and how well it executed these four attributes:

4 C’s of Effective In-Store Activation

  1. COMMAND ATTENTION ~ the first impression matters the most
  2. CONNECT WITH THE SHOPPER ~ through imagery or familiarity
  3. CONVEY INFORMATION ~ tell a (short) story
  4. CLOSE THE SALE ~ urge shoppers to buy now

The judging is further explained in this chart from the DOT Award site:

The competition takes place at the annual Path to Purchase Expo (P2PX), formerly called the Shopper Marketing Expo. Industry peers competed for a total of 5 distinctions: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum awards, and one Best of the Times award. The winners are announced at a reception and ceremony held at the Expo in Chicago this year on September 27. Expo attendees include 1000’s of brand and retail marketing professionals, agencies and P.O.P solutions providers. They can browse the finalist’s entries in the Design of the Times Gallery and see for themselves if they agree with the selected finalists, and ultimately the winners. 

16 types of in-store display activation tactics are considered:

  • Counter/Shelf Display (Permanent or Temporary)
  • Endcaps
  • Freestanding, Aisle, Shipper or Pallet Display (Permanent or Temporary)
  • In-line/Gondola Display
  • Power Wing
  • Signs
  • Digital Signage
  • In-Store Media
  • Interactive Display/Kiosk
  • Mobile/Digital Solutions
  • Packaging
  • Event Marketing/Sampling Programs
  • Retailer-Specific In-Store Campaigns
  • National/Regional In-Store Campaigns

With shoppers making more purchase decisions in-store than ever before, as much as 82% in some channels, POP displays are critical components for consumer brand marketers to persuade shoppers and drive sales at the store level. A POPAI Study revealed that 1 in 6 brand purchases are made when a display with that brand is present in store.

In one of our most read KDM Blogs “Why Effective POP is More Important than Ever” we discuss the importance of using targeted point-of-purchase signage and displays to cut through the clutter and improve category performance. So, how effectively is your in-store P.O.P able to Command Attention, Connect with the Shopper, Convey Information, and Close the Sale? You could be a winner!

[P.S. The DOT Award designations have no monetary value, only bragging rights for the winners – which is a pretty big deal. Just ask us!]

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