3D Displays Arrive at KDM POP Solutions Group

KDM is proud to announce that we have added 3D displays to our products. We are now offering 3D display and design services. This is an exciting time for all of us here and for our customers. We are moving forward in this industry and trending in an upward direction to help our customers be successful. We pride ourselves on high quality sustainable innovations that you cannot get anywhere else. The 3D displays have arrived at KDM and here is how we can help.

Why Your Business Needs 3D Displays

The main advantage of a 3D display is that you will be able to feel as if the objects you see on the design come to life! This will offer your customers a sensational buying experience. Using a 3D design custom created for your Point of Purchase is a unique and creative way to boost engagement and brand awareness. 3D displays are changing the way businesses are changing the face of their brand. When correctly done 3D displays will increase your point of purchase marketing campaigns which in turn will drive larger profit margins.

3d displays perfume bottle and alcohol bottle

Retail Space

The retail space is over saturated with imagery – messaging, advertisements, signage, posters, screens, you name it – and no matter where you are shopping, there are hundreds of brands fighting for attention. With such a fight for visual space, how can your product or display stand above the rest and truly “POP”? This is how you beat your competition. Choosing a 3D displays makes you and your company stand out.

signs in a store aisle way for halloween

The Customer Journey

Do you want to make a lasting impression on your customers? Then you must step out of your box and get ahead of your competition. This new 3D technology can be integrated directly into your current marketing plans and promotions. This can be used at expos, as wall displays, at your retail locations, and floor and shelving displays. The coolest part is that you can do full-size 3D wall projects that appear like part of the building. Get creative and let your imagination take your customers on an amazing 3D branded journey. KDM can help you create your 3D POP displays in a new and exciting way to show off your brand and bring in new and loyal customers. We want to help you reach your marketing goals along with driving your bottom line into a new dimension.

This is what happens when our ONEKDM team works together to create and innovate. “If you can vision it, we can build it.”

To learn more about how we can help your design, please reach out today to speak with our sales team here.

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