Aim for an “A” on Your In-Store Back-to-School campaigns

We’ve got 4 tips on how to improve your BTS in-store marketing promotions:


Freshly sharpened pencils. A new backpack full of notebooks. A great outfit to stand out on the first day. Millions of students will be stocking up on supplies and attire over the next month, making August one of the busiest and most profitable shopping periods of the year.

The National Retail Federation (NRF) expects record spending during back to school sale season in 2019. According to the seasonal NRF BTS Trend Report, back-to-school shoppers (from parents of preschoolers to college students) will spend more per household for the upcoming school year than on Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Valentine’s Day combined. To stay at the top of the class, retailers need to make the grade and maximize this great sales opportunity.

back to school sign

1. Make it Appealing, and Make it Obvious: 

Retailers know how important POP displays and signage are in persuading shoppers and driving sales at the store level. We’ve talked about how important effective retail displays and signage are in many of our KDM Blogs: again and again and again. Your options are endless when it comes to promotional POP signage and displays for back-to-school sales, reminding consumers that the first day of school is just around the corner.

retail stroe back to school

2. Roll it Out Early:

According to the NRF’s 2019 Back to School survey, about a quarter of BTS shopping starts more than two months before school begins. Almost half of shoppers get their supplies between three weeks and one month before school opens back up. Don’t wait until the last minute–roll those sales out asap to catch almost 75% of shoppers.

school clothing retail shop

3. Keep the Party Going:

While shoppers might have already started shopping, they probably haven’t checked everything off their list. The NRF’s 2019 Back to School survey shows that consumers are savvy about their back to school shopping. Slightly more than half of respondents say they only spend during the best sales. Last year, only 39% of respondents had finished more than half of their shopping in early August, and only about 13% of respondents were entirely done with their back to school shopping. Students may find that they need more, or different, supplies than expected during the first few weeks back in class. Keep your merchandising displays stocked up throughout the back-to-school season to maximize in-store sales.

4. Show Your School Spirit:

Marketing local is always a good idea. When it comes to back-to-school shopping, consumers already have something local in mind—their school! With branded merchandise for local schools, colleges and universities, you can cater specifically to parents and students who want to take their school spirit off campus. With branded promotional products and apparel, retail brands can offer customized shirts, backpacks, lunch boxes, pencil cases and more!


The right POP materials can make all the difference in boosting your retail sales this time of year. Need help rolling your next in-store marketing campaign? KDM’s comprehensive services can help you Market Smarter at the point-of purchase.

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