Breaking the Bookshop Mold:  Creating an Updated Store Environment for Joseph-Beth Booksellers

Joseph-beth Booksellers-Store Environment Refresh

As many book stores struggle to attract visitors in the digital age, Joseph-Beth Booksellers is different. Their flagship store in Lexington has evolved into a dining, shopping and lounging destination for the residents of one of the fastest-growing cities in Kentucky. After more than 15 years without a remodel, Joseph-Beth’s in-store environment was in need of an upgrade. That’s when KDM stepped in. Read on to see how we helped Joseph-Beth beautify and modernize its space, without ever having to close the store for renovations.

“Joseph-Beth is really bound and determined to make your neighborhood bookstore a thing of beauty that you want to come and visit.”
John Kaeser, Store Design & Customer Experience Manager, Joseph-Beth Booksellers

Joseph-Beth book stores

Localized Design Inspired by the Spirit of Kentucky

Showcasing its Kentucky roots was extremely important to Joseph-Beth. The modern-farmhouse design accented with pops of blue-green pays homage to the aesthetic of the Bluegrass state. There are localized decor pieces throughout, including bookends and wall decals featuring Kentucky typography.

Modern Merchandise Displays

In order to entice customers to pick up the latest bestseller or gift item, KDM manufactured custom display tables with sturdy laminate countertops. The finish allowed Joseph-Beth to achieve the beautiful look of granite or marble without committing to these high-maintenance materials.

Joseph-Beth bookstore man shopping

Sit Down and Read Awhile

This reading nook has plenty of room for book club meetings, providing the perfect setting for in-depth discussions about literature. KDM worked with Joseph-Beth to fabricate the modular seating you see here. The color of this tufted banquette and its wood finish complements the walls and built-in shelves beautifully.

“The great thing about KDM is that they were quick, flexible and if I ever had any issues, they’d set things right. I truly appreciate that.”
John Kaeser, Store Design & Customer Experience Manager, Joseph-Beth Booksellers

What’s Cooking? Books

With a full-service bistro adjacent to the book store, Joseph-Beth wanted to extend their love for food with a section dedicated to cooking. To create this open-concept rustic kitchen/library, KDM manufactured a magnetic chalkboard with a custom wood frame and matching floating shelves. Additionally, the bookshelves and countertops were custom built by KDM to complement the island nesting tables throughout the store.

cookbooks at the bookstore

Wall to Wall Books

While Joseph-Beth sells a variety of merchandise, their main retail focus is moving books off the shelves. With this wall-to-wall wood bookshelf, custom built by KDM, the bookseller can showcase eye-catching book covers. This layout makes it easier for bookworms to judge books by their covers rather than their spines.

Joseph Beth books

Check This Out

Within a matter of weeks, KDM fabricated and installed this custom cash wrap counter. The millwork perfectly complements the back wrap and free-standing columns, all executed by KDM.

“We weren’t closed one day. It was all done while we were open. KDM’s delivery of things and hitting deadlines really made that possible so that we can keep the construction process going.”
John Kaeser, Store Design & Customer Experience Manager, Joseph-Beth Booksellers

With 50,000 square feet of retail space, Joseph-Beth has a lot of room to work with. This was just the first phase of their massive remodeling project. We’re honored to have had the opportunity to work with them and welcome the opportunity to help them upgrade their locations in the future. This is one book(seller) you can judge by its cover.

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