Creepy & Kooky: Halloween-inspired Retail Displays

While today is officially Halloween, retailers have been capitalizing on the holiday for weeks by now! Once the last trick-or-treaters have made their rounds, stores will surely fire up their price guns in an effort to move out all that inventory. But, before we ceremoniously put Halloween to bed, let’s take a look at some creepy, kooky and altogether spooky Halloween-inspired retail displays

Merchandise Displays

Some big box retailers really leverage their biggest asset—floor space—to create a store within a store feel with an entire section dedicated to Halloween. With all that real estate, they can throw the kitchen sink of POP print—ceiling danglers, floor graphics, aisle violators and more—to maximize their retail sales promotion strategies. Even retail environments with limited space to spare can make the most of it with creative POP print and design for end caps.

CPG Displays

While these retail displays technically fall under the merchandise display category, it’s worth noting CPG’s unique characteristics. Brands can turn regular 24-packs of soda into 3-dimensional works of art featuring some iconic Halloween figures—from spiders and ghosts to Jack Skellington! Even if you’re not selling soda, custom retail display fabrication could be utilized to create a unique home for your seasonal packaged products. 

Window Displays

In the ultra-competitive brick-and-mortar retail market, creativity is key to drive busy shoppers into your store. From ominous window clings to vibrant POP print backdrops and lots of creepy mannequins, retailers continue to wow us with their window display concepts every Halloween. 

In-store Displays

Some in-store displays are so spectacular, they really stand on their own. We see this year after year at pop-up concept, Spirit. Their crazy creations are like navigating through a haunted house. Since Halloween is the only season in which they operate, Spirit knows that in order to maximize sales, they need to show customers how their assortment of ghouls will scare the living daylights out of unsuspecting trick-or-treaters. 

Check out our Pinterest board for more Halloween Retail Display inspiration or download our Halloween POP Display Ideas one sheet if you’re already thinking about retail display execution for next year. 

Happy Halloween!

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