Drive-Thru Menu Boards

Drive-Thru Menu Boards


Successful drive-thru menu board signage shows pictures and sometimes animations while also being readable and containing clear vocabulary that the customer understands. The usage of popular colors, structured designs, and practical layouts allows for improvement of the customer experience, bosting sales.

A welcoming and inviting menu board is a restaurant branding solution that is a crucial part of the business’s marketing campaign. For leaders in the restaurant industry, having a quality menu board is essential. If your company is spending outrageous amounts of money on updating menu boards or switching to digital menu boards, working with KDM can save you money as we help plan for a long-term solution.

Options for Outdoor Menu Boards

menu board 3D tom + chee soup

Outdoor Menu Boards

Here are some of the many options for outdoor menu boards.

Modern LED

Utilizing a modern LED menu allows your business to change the design and products frequently and with ease.

Classic Drive-Thru

The classic drive-thru menu allows your customers to easily understand the menu with little to no difficulty all from the outdoor drive-thru lane.

LED Illuminated Add Ons

Adding an LED Illuminated add- on to your outdoor drive-thru lane is a great way to grab customer attention or advertise sales and promotions.

Drive-Thru Menu Board – Features &


Quality Imagery

Heavily filtered and stock images indicate a generic image for your brand, and you want your brand to stand out. At KDM, we create custom menu board designs and can help you avoid this common problem.


Consider your menu color choices based on the restaurant’s decorations and the best way to catch customer attention. We help you keep things exciting while also not diverting customer attention from your products.


You want your fonts to fit the overall brand voice and tone, be an appropriate size, and be easily readable so your customers quickly inform themselves on your products.


The eye is naturally attracted to motion and movement. Therefore, adding animated images and videos to the menu in your drive-thru lane can help boost sales and increase brand awareness.

Call to Action

The goal of a drive-thru menu board is to encourage the customers to act on the information they’re receiving. Adding a call to action to your digital signage allows customers to embrace the message and purchase from your business.

White Castle Point of Purchase Drive Through Menu Boards Signage POP Promo

How Much Does a Menu Board Cost?

restaurant sign with the menu on it

Menu Board Cost

The cost of a menu board depends on the size and features that it includes. A standard printed menu board typically costs $250-$300. Standard menu boards are more energy efficient as they do not require LED lighting or any electricity. The pitfall of non-digital menu boards is that menus change, and the custom signs need to be updated. Advanced restaurant menu boards such as outdoor digital LED lighting drive-thru or digital in-store menu boards typically have a starting cost of $1,000. While these menu boards are more expensive, the system can easily be updated as the menu changes.

How Much Does it Cost to Install a

Drive-Thru Window?

Drive-Thru Window

Depending on your building and design, drive-thru window installation could cost anywhere from $25,000 and $250,000. Total cost depends on the many variables such as refinishing building exteriors, foot lighting, speaker set-up, labor, awning installation, and a channel for the menu board system and intercom system installation.

come in we are open sign in red and white

What is a Menu Board?

Marble Slab Magnetic Menu

Menu Board

A menu board is a graphic display or a list that shows items (typically food and drink) and their prices. Each menu board varies in price, information, font, and size. Menu boards allow your company the opportunity to grab a person’s attention and convey a large amount of information to them in a relatively short amount of time. Effective menu signage can boost sales by encouraging additional purchases by drawing the eye towards sales and promotions. Investing in high-quality menu boards will ultimately be a great solution for any business looking to increase sales. 

Menu boards aren’t just designs; they are a business strategy utilized by many different companies. Effective menu signage produces results that are clear and measurable. Once the customers have read and understood the message your signage displays, they should feel motivated to make decisions and hopefully purchases. 


With digital drive-thru menu boards, you can create and deliver amazing content that is easily changeable if you have menu changes, product availability changes, adjustments to store hours, or new health and safety protocols. Digital menu displays allow visual and audio messaging that has a significant impact on your customers. LED signage systems can even allow your company to convey information to customers in real time. Digital menu boards reduce contact and enhance order efficiency. These menus are a comprehensive solution for any business. Digital menu boards are available in different styles and layouts, even hybrid approaches exist (which can be static, partially digital, and fully digital).

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