How to Increase Sales with End Cap Displays


End cap displays can be an extremely profitable marketing strategy to add to your store’s mix when displaying your products. At KDM, we work with our clients at every step in the process in order to achieve the best results possible for their space. The end cap displays that we design can work with existing store layouts or work with our clients to develop a new system that will work best for their store’s space. End caps are a great advantage to showcase promotions and boost your store’s retail sales.


Questions to Ask When You are Constructing an End Cap Display

What Products Should I Display?

You won’t see an entire array of items on display at an end cap most of the time. You’ll typically see products of the same category. End caps often serve as a location that brings awareness to items that are being promoted or on sale. Once these products have been placed at an end cap, their retail sales will often be boosted.

How Should the Products be Displayed?

Stocking items seasonally will enhance the effectiveness of the end cap. For example, having an end cap with pool-related items would work well in the summer rather than the winter. Products of a similar type or brand+ also work well on an end cap. If any products are going on sale soon, maybe displaying the deal on an end cap is the best plan for your store’s space. The outcome of the display will look different depending on who is responsible for it. Sometimes the product supplier and marketing team is responsible for it, and sometimes the store manager/employees are.

Where Should the Display go in the Store?

End caps obviously belong at the end of an aisle, but it does matter which aisle they are at. Different locations will attract different amounts of customers, so choosing the best spot can directly increase retail sales.

Elements of Successful End Caps


The first important part of any profitable end cap is that it has a specific theme consistent throughout the display. Theme/brand voice is actually a key player in any type of merchandise advertisement. So when it comes time to display your end cap, keep the voice of your brand in mind.

What will catch the eye of shoppers in the store? A themed end cap that is visually appealing and has the chance to encourage customers to purchase something from it. A disorganized display with no common theme will convey to shoppers that it is basically a “junk drawer” for merchandise that has no other home in the store.

Showcasing Your Brand

End caps are the perfect way to display the qualities of your brand to your customers. People are always intrigued but things that are visually appealing, and with a custom end cap from KDM, we will work with you to make sure your shoppers will love it.

Stocking end cap displays with products that embody your brand is a great way to convey your brand’s identity to customers. With a custom end cap display from KDM, you have the opportunity to offer customers a taste of your overall selection, merchandise promotions & retail sales, and so much more.


When looking to utilize a custom end cap best, consider using them to cross-merchandise your products at various locations within your store’s space. For example, say the best-selling product at your store is potato chips. When a new flavor comes out, it is stocked with other chips, displayed on an end cap to increase retail sales possibilities with shoppers.

Cross-merchandising with an end cap is a way to display and sell the same product in more than one location. When placing promotional products in an area with higher amounts of foot traffic (typically where end caps go), an increase in retail sales is very likely.

Getting Shopper Attention

When designing a good end cap, a primary goal is to engage the customer and attract their attention as they walk past the aisles. A custom end cap with bright colors and interesting fonts is a great way to attract attention through visual appeal.

End caps also are a great way to showcase printed promotional material for desired products. Whether you are selling a product you have created or a product you have purchased wholesale quantities of, the addition of printed signage on your custom end cap is a great way to increase the opportunity for purchases.

End Cap Production

When you choose KDM as your marketing supply chain partner, we will work with you at every step in the plan to create the best possible custom end cap displays for your store’s space. We offer end caps that come in a variety of materials such as:

  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • Glass
  • Wire
  • Metal

You also have the flexibility to customize your end caps with our print procurement. We prioritize print solutions that are speedy and flexible. If you are looking for high-quality graphics that represent your brand or products well, we have solutions for you. At KDM, we have the ability to print on almost any material whether it’s plastic, vinyl, or polyester. Our in-house custom designers work hard to create perfect end cap solutions for all of our clients.

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