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“KDM is our strategic partner for our in-store marcom—whether POP, menu boards, apparel, or other things. They are our execution arm to get it done. I exclusively rely on KDM’s expertise… We rely on them at a high level to support our brand as we continue to grow. 

KDM’s tech platform, and their investment into it, and what it means for us, allowed us to think about marcom differently. Other B2B marcom platforms feel very underwhelming and clunky. INTELLITRAK is a tech solution more akin to consumer technology platforms… it sets them apart.”

-SVP / Massage Envy

Project Objectives

In order to market a brand nationally, brands must be compliant, especially at the store level. It is vital that every location shares the same look, feel and messaging, which leads to a consistent brand experience for customers. That’s why Massage Envy trusted KDM to get their 1,153 locations in compliance with their new branding and help build their customer base.


Massage Envy, America’s largest provider of therapeutic massages and skin care, was rapidly expanding. However, their previous vendor allowed each franchise location to custom order their marketing materials, uniforms and promotional items without any corporate oversight.

Without the ability to view, manage, or limit franchisee transactions, Massage Envy was unable to ensure each location was staying within brand guidelines. Following a major re-brand, Massage Envy knew they had to get their franchisees back into compliance in order to preserve the integrity of their brand.


Massage Envy partnered with KDM to get the entire brand in compliance. Thanks to INTELLITRAK™, KDM’s proprietary online ordering and project management platform, Massage Envy was able to establish brand guidelines for franchisees and enable an easier, more streamlined way to order their in-store marketing materials.

Massage Envy is able to provide pre-approved items to their franchisees that can then be customized to suit each store location within the platform itself, keeping compliance in check. INTELLITRAK™ also enables Massage Envy to regularly offer and update a variety of downloadable materials that franchisees can access instantly. Additionally, franchisees can use the site to order all of their inventoried items  from KDM as well, such as branded promotional products (pens, water bottles, etc), uniforms, and other POP/POS marketing materials. 


After years of difficulty keeping franchisees brand compliant, Massage Envy has completely unified its brand.

By allowing KDM to solve their franchise brand compliance problem, Massage Envy is now able to focus on growing their brand and customer base, as opposed to managing it day-to-day.

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