UV Printing

UV Printing


Utilizing a large format UV flatbed printer can save your company countless dollars in ink and production costs. While the cost of some large format flatbed printers can rival luxury cars, the potential return on investment of one of these workhorses can be astronomical – and with KDM, you can skip the purchase and let us do all the printing for you in-house.

 Whether you need state-of-the-art models, large format UV printing, or even digital UV printers, KDM has you covered with cutting-edge equipment that will save you money while providing your business with stellar promotional products. 

Reasons to Purchase Access to a UV

Flatbed Printer

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Let’s face it: not every business can afford to bring a large flatbed printer into their business. Whether due to space concerns or price, these behemoth printers require a lot of investment and upkeep. Using KDM’s services, you can enjoy backlit graphics, UV-led printed quality, and printing materials of all types without having to make the purchase yourself. 


If you were to buy a single flatbed printer, you could spend anywhere from $75,000-$115,000 for the top competing flatbed printers. Likewise, buying a specific model requires you to pick and choose among features and printing types, including white ink, UV, and other printing capabilities. At KDM, we have access to the gamut of flatbed printers, giving you access to printing types and UV inks when and as you need them.


Many businesses unwittingly limit themselves and their marketing by sticking to old printers, formats, and media types. With KDM, your business has access to the highest quality printer equipment and, therefore, the means to boost your production fidelity and capacity. We’ll provide you with the best resolution, speed, and cost per project so your business can begin printing in its weight class. 


It’s no secret that KDM leads the way in in-house printer services. We boast a wide array of hybrid printers capable of high-quality graphics and more robust models with unmatched capabilities.

We offer flexible services designed to meet businesses where they are, offering foam board printing, wood printing, glass printing, and even metal printing. We specialize in printing banners and promotional graphics – regardless of the size or scale, we can print it for you.

We have a printer for every situation, and we tailor our process to what you need from us.

What Is Large Format UV Printing?


UV printing presents a unique way to digitally print using ultraviolet light to dry and cure ink, adhesives, and coatings the instant it touches the paper, acrylic, PVC board, or other media of your choosing. UV allows companies to print 2D images to 3D objects, opening the door to a wide range of new ways to reach customers.


We can print nearly anything reasonably flat, up to 5′ x 10′ in size, in either single or double-sided format. Some substrates mentioned above lend themselves to UV printing, including but not limited to:

■  Foamboard                                                    ■  Metal

■  PVC board                                                      ■  Glass 

■  Stryrene                                                          ■  Plastic

■  Aluminum composite materials                ■  Leather

■  Corrugated plastic                                        ■  Fabrics

■  Paper                                                                ■  Tile

■  Acrylic                                                              ■  Flooring

■  Wood

These materials and more allow you to create exciting design opportunities for your printed materials. With standard ink and printers, you will be limited to paper in a much smaller format. Investing in KDM for your prints allows you to create banners for exhibits, events, retail stores, and much more. When you purchase our services, we’re confident that you’ll wonder what you did without access to an industrial printer for all these years.


Companies use KDM’s services anywhere where graphic communication is needed – so, just about anywhere and everywhere. The most significant limitation is your perceptions of how and where you can market. With an industrial printer in your back pocket, you open a new world of possibilities.

Often, people use our services to make signs, exhibit graphics, point of purchase displays, flags, interior design, backlit graphics, flooring, consumer products, and much more. Forgo your rigid assumptions of how and where you can market – with KDM and a large-scale printer on your side, you can print on nearly any material and reach a wider audience than ever before.


Our investment in the most modern, state-of-the-art flatbed and hybrid printers can print up to 1200 x 1200 DPI (dot-per-inch) resolution. Each printer comes equipped with a set of high-tech, greyscale printheads that can print dots at various sizes, giving printed results a high degree of tone and depth. If you want fine-detail prints that will wow your audience, KDM has what you need.


Our prints will last in outdoor environments for up to two years before fading (and up to five years if laminated and protected). Naturally, the environment will dictate how long ink will last. In an indoor environment, you can expect results to last for well over five years.


UV printing is highly versatile, allowing for high-resolution images and graphics across various materials, enabling you to become more creative and inventive with your marketing efforts.

Ultimately, a UV printer presents you with a flexible way to curate your promotional strategies while making the result appear more robust and clean. UV printers can print and etch images onto even the most rigid of substrates, yielding plenty of options for making eye-catching signs and graphics.

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Why Choose Us for UV Printing

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We know how essential having stunning graphics is to the success and growth of your business. You want to be giving your best impression every time a potential customer sees your printed materials.

At KDM, we don’t sacrifice image fidelity to meet your bottom line quickly; we only make prints with the best materials and ink, so your prints look great at every viewing angle. Even still, our process prioritizes speed, as we know how important it is to hit your deadlines promptly.


We’re meticulous, and so is our equipment. We calibrate every one of our UV-led printers for sharp, accurate color on every print. Our team is professional and seasoned, knowing color, printers, and finishing inside and out. From our years of experience, we know what works and how to manage the process from start to finish.


When you hire us for print bed services, we consider ourselves part of your team. We will do everything in our power to deliver prints just as you asked, and we believe the success of your business as an extension of the work we do.

We will meet with you to learn how we can best deliver on your custom requirements, simultaneously offering advice on how to achieve the best prints based on your goals. Our team is personable and empathetic, and our operating speed and printer knowledge is only matched by our commitment to customer service.

KDM – The One-Stop Shop for Large

Format Flatbed Printer Services

Think you’re ready to reap the benefits of the best large format UV printing in the industry? Contact us today by calling (513) 769-3500 or filling out the form on our website. Take the first step in opening a brave new world for your printed materials.

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