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Store aisle markers provide shoppers with a better experience by guiding them throughout the store so they can find what they are shopping for. Store aisle signs are often hung above the gondola shelving or retail floor displays. When so many items are competing for your customer’s attention, utilizing hanging aisle signs is beneficial for helping them navigate to the right location. Aisle markers are also useful for those who want to cross merchandise by using hanging aisle signs to remind their customers that the items they are looking for have products that complement them.

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Communication Signage

come in we are open sign in red and white

KDM Pop offers solutions for hanging aisle directories that can be customized for a wide variety of retail clients. When shoppers are looking for their desired products, the first place they look is the aisle directory. KDM’s aisle signs range from the most basic to complex custom sign designs to meet the needs of any budget, maintain the image of your store brand and lead retail customers to the right gondola.

Hanging Store Aisle Signs

  They come in varying sizes and scales to match aisle width and ceiling height

  For retail or warehouse aisles that are shorter, a double-sided hanging aisle sign directory will likely work

  In both long and short aisles, it is vital to think about sight lines so that the sign design has a big enough font size making it easy to read and lead retail customers or warehouse employees to the desired gondola shelving

  If the customer comes to any store’s register to purchase something, they will likely buy something else if it is close to the counter

  Last but not least, we strive to produce custom sign designs with a suitable numbering system that is based on the customer’s flow of traffic to increase business

  Our aisle signs are often paired with safety and directional placards which makes them more versatile and can help minimize installation time and ensure proper company branding

Once the solutions for signs have been considered, it’s time to look at the common aisle marker signs and hanging aisle signage materials


Common Aisle Marker Signs &

Hanging Aisle Signage Materials

The materials that are used in our custom hanging signs are often based on:

■  Budget                 

■  Size 

■  Complexity

Flat-panel boards are usually used for the production of aisle marker signage. With space utilization being necessary, rack layouts are being condensed more which leads to structures moving closer to the building walls and each other. However, this makes it increasingly difficult for workers to see the aisle signs that lead to the right aisle. We overcome this problem through the production of rack and shelf markers. Our plastic forming machines allow us to make three directional designs that are highly effective for hanging aisles signs.

Internal and external warehouse markers use a variety of materials, including:

■  Vinyl, Metal, Cardboard, Aluminium & Plastic  

■  Inside markers are typically produced from PVC and outside markers are made from aluminium composite.

■  External placards utilize a UV resistant material that helps stop the color from fading and improves stability of the sign

■  All external placards and markers are made to endure damage from temperature and weather conditions to stay looking new as long as possible.

At KDM Pop, we supply design signage and provide services based on your business’s specific needs, layouts and locations of your desired signs.

come in we are open sign in red and white


Custom Store Aisle Markers From


come in we are open sign in red and white

It doesn’t matter how many categories or products you supply, aisle marker signage is essential for customers to navigate their way around and throughout the store. This is why we supply custom double-sided store aisle signs that enhance the customer experience as they locate your items throughout the store. 

The KDM Pop custom aisle markers offer you the choice of colors, your store’s logo, and durable interchangeable inserts for your convenience. If you are in the market to make a change with  your store’s retail experience, KDM provides customizable and durable signs for you.

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