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A cash wrap is the spot in a store where customers go to purchase merchandise. However, cash wraps are more than just a cash register. Cash wraps apply to the area that surrounds it, as well as any other nearby retail displays or aisles.  

Having a well-designed and effective cash wrap is important because it is the one place that every customer must pay for their items and pass through as they are entering and leaving a retail store. Whether the customer is buying something or not, the cash wrap is vital because it is the last chance you have to invite them to make a purchase. Perhaps they didn’t find exactly what they were looking for and they start to leave, but they notice an alluring showcase of merchandise right next to the register and they end up buying something.

Cash Wrap Benefits

■  Help increase sales when they are used effectively

■  Attract impulse buys and maximize the selling potential your floor space has to offer

■  Turn empty space that was once overlooked into a display that is hard to miss


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Taking note of the floor space you have available is a vital part of finding the best cash wrap for your store. You want one that fits the proper measurements and creates an easy path for customers. The flow of retail foot traffic is unique to each store. This is why we offer customizable cash wrap counters that display your select products. When customers walk into a store they typically turn to the right so you want to keep your best-selling items in the back of the store to generate the longest pathway through the store.

Keep in mind that you will need enough space in front of the cash wrap for customers to checkout, and for employees to easily work. The ADA Standard for Accessible Design is a great resource to look at when making decisions on your cash wrap. The ADA mandates that retailers need to have at least 30 to 40 inches in front of their checkout counters to allow room for a wheelchair.

When considering a cash wrap for your retail business, it is important to find the one that is suitable for your retail store.

Types of Cash Wraps in Retail

Single Countertop / Checkout Counter

Single countertops are typically placed parallel to the wall and they take up the least amount of space. These cash wraps/checkout counters are great for smaller shops.

Dual Cash Wrap 

Two-part/ dual cash wraps have one section that is free-standing and facing the customer, and one that is parallel to the wall. This cash wrap is ideal for medium to large stores that need space to hold merchandise.

Three-Part Cash Wrap

A three-part cash wrap makes a U-shape around the cashiers. This style of cash wrap is perfect for high-traffic stores that require a couple of people at the retail counter. With this cash wrap, you receive plenty of counter space that allows you to carry out a variety of tasks and services such as gift wrapping, order processing, and customer support.

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Important Factors to Consider when

Looking at Cash Wraps

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  Look at the color, function and size                                                       

  Cash wraps include materials such as glass, wood, and granite

  Setting products near or on the sales counters and in display cases will encourage

  If the customer comes to any store’s register to purchase something, they will likely buy something else if it is close to the counter

The point of sale is a vital part of every store. Maximizing the space and customizing cash wraps with KDM Pop allows you to make the most out of your cash wrap while increasing service capabilities. Placing relevant, reasonably priced, and useful products at your well-designed and thought-out cash wrap encourages maximum sales. End your search for the perfect cash wrap today. At KDM Pop, we prioritize your needs and have a collection of options and materials available for us to create the perfect cash wrap for your retail store.

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