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The Importance of your Checkout


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The checkout counter at your retail store is the place where interaction happens. At checkout, customers pay for the items they wish to purchase, engage in some small talk with the cashier, and go about their day. While this process can simply be overlooked, the point of sale process can significantly help or hurt a customer’s business option. With the rise of online shopping and delivery services, attention to check-out counters might be viewed as less important now than in years previous. But when customers do shop in person, creating an appealing checkout environment is a great way to leave a great lasting impression on them.

Checkout Counters for Retail


The standard height of a checkout counter should be 36 inches, and the typical length should be 36 inches. The area in front of any checkout counter should be at least 30 inches by 48 inches and perpendicular or parallel to the service counter. As a business, it’s vital that your checkout counter meets the requirements outlined in The Americans with Disabilities Act. Having a checkout counter that is too tall can limit accessibility for people in wheelchairs, alienating some prospective customers and even potential employees.

Examples of businesses checkout counters are commonly used in: 

■  Gas stations 

■  Grocery stores

■  Restaurants

■  Doctor’s offices

■  Clothing stores

■  Banks

■  Hotels

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Features That Make our Retail

Countertops Great

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Utilizing accessible, functional, and customizable checkout counters and cash wraps creates a better shopping experience that keeps customers coming back. At KDM Pop, we have a skilled team of designers that focus on creating cohesive and memorable store environments with engaging designs. Our designers and craftspeople strive to bring each attribute of your retail location to life. KDM Pop aims to help you stand out in-store and bring in more retail sales by increasing customer impulse purchases.

We offer branding solutions, store fixtures, and menu signs for your counter display as well. End your search for the best in-store marketing supply chain partner today! At KDM Pop, we partner with large and small businesses and create environments that exceed client expectations. We consider all of the aspects necessary to develop an effective checkout counter design for your company.

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