As establishments such as sit-down restaurants and in-store retailers in some states reopen at limited capacity, office buildings are next. Some states have already announced that offices can reopen in the coming weeks, with restrictions. With more states continuing to follow this pattern, now is the time for businesses to prepare, and modify their workspaces to adhere to the CDC’s social distancing guidelines.

Experts seem to agree that how and where we work will never be the same. Global companies including Cushman & Wakefield, Gensler and Perkins & Will have started to project what offices  could look like in the future with prototypes and floor plans. Here are a few ways employers can reimagine their own workspaces now in response to COVID-19.

Keeping Your Distance

While businesses will likely be operating with an on-site skeleton crew at first, offices must be reconfigured so that employees stay at least six feet apart. Keeping your distance in tight quarters can be a challenge, especially for open office spaces and/or cubicle settings, but not impossible with a little print ingenuity. Directional floor graphics, similar to what you see at grocery stores, can help guide employees around the office safely. Additionally, floor graphics can assist with keeping social distance around desks, common areas and even in elevators.

Barriers For Success

As the government’s phased approach to reopening progresses and more office workers and visitors trickle into the building, additional safety precautions are needed to ensure social distancing. The plexiglass barriers that are now a common sight at checkout counters can be installed to keep office employees safe as well. Desk partitions are a great option for reception areas and private offices, acting as a cough and sneeze guard when welcoming and consulting with clients. Additionally, safety partitions can serve as a divider between cubicles and shared desks.

Encouraging Personal Hygiene

Reminding employees to keep their distance, wash their hands and cover their mouths when coughing or sneezing can be achieved with targeted signage. To be effective, place signage in high-traffic areas such as building entrances, elevators and break rooms. Consider aligning your signage with the tone and design of your brand to keep the aesthetic consistent. Installing hand sanitizing stations and providing employees gloves and masks can further encourage personal hygiene.

While companies continue to keep a pulse on what’s needed to keep their employees safe, KDM is doing the same. We’ve adapted our workplace to comply with social distancing standards and designed new product offerings to meet customers where they are in the reopening process. Download our Office Blueprint for Success that demonstrates easy solutions to assist with COVID-19 compliance efforts. Review all of our social distancing solutions — including print, partitions and barriers — all designed to mitigate risk during these uncertain times.