Safety Partitions

Safety Partitions

As businesses start to open back up, protecting the health and wellness of your customers and employees is more critical than ever. Using personal safety partitions protects every member in the store while improving profitability.

High-Quality Safety Partitions

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Safety partitions come in various shapes and sizes to fit the specific needs of your shop. At KDM, we care about helping companies improve their business while promoting safety. We offer high-quality safety partitions that protect your employees and customers when close contact is difficult to avoid.

Improving Profitability Through

Flexible Space Separation

Aside from masks and hand sanitizer, safety partitions are a business’ greatest tool to protect against the spread of germs and airborne contaminants. They create a necessary barrier between employees and customers while still offering essential transparency.

Aside from improved safety, one of the key benefits of personal safety partitions is their versatility. They are easy to install and require little to no hassle to move.

Vinyl safety partitions protect against more than illness. They can keep out insects and outdoor debris to keep your business clean and contaminate-free.

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Personal Safety Partition for Offices,

Service Industries, and Public Spaces

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Whatever services your company offers, KDM provides high-quality safety partitions to keep your team members and customers safe. 

Standing Safety Partitions

A standing safety partition is incredibly easy to install and move around. They are ideal for protecting personal safety in office settings or organizations with available seating. Being scratch-resistant, they provide a polished look that contributes to the elegance of any business setting.

Hanging Personal Safety Partitions

Hanging personal safety partitions is ideal for businesses that use cash registers and over-the-counter services. The partition hangs from the ceiling and comes down far enough to protect against the spread of germs without interfering with normal business operations.

Hanging personal safety partitions are also highly recommended for restaurants. Restaurant managers can hang the partitions between booths and tables to protect customers while they eat.

Countertop Personal Safety Partitions

Personal safety partitions that fit on the top of a counter are ideal for companies with lots of counter space. A raised center makes it easy for the cashier to take and handle cash from the customer without compromising health. Due to their small size, they are easy to move and don’t take up much space.

Our Safety Partitions Features

Our personal safety partitions come in customizable sizes to fit the specific needs of your company. From ceiling partitions to desktop partitions, KDM has what you need to protect your team members and customers.

Our personal safety partitions meet the required USDA guidelines with impressive durability. We design partitions to be both protective and minimally invasive. Our goal is to keep your team safe with sleek designs that make you almost forget that they’re there.

From protecting companies against the spread of germs to helping them design an innovative promotional sign, the KDM team does it all. Contact us at (855) 232-7799 or check out our reviews to learn more about what we can do for your business.

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