The Importance of Retail Signage + Social Distancing Solutions During and After COVID-19

The Importance of Retail Signage + Social Distancing Solutions During and After COVID-19 are you ready?  As states begin to ease the restrictions placed on businesses during the COVID-19 crisis, responding to the social distancing rules in place while attracting customers can be a challenge. Before reopening, your business you will need effective ways to communicate safety to your customers and employees. QSR establishments will need to advertise new hours, pickup and delivery rules. establishments are expected to guide customers safely and efficiently through the purchasing process in store — all of which will require effective signage and more.

Effective Business Communications with Retail Signage

Retailers and restaurateurs have taken extraordinary steps to protect employees and help ensure customers are acting responsibly according to CDC guidelines for social distancing. Directional floor graphics, aisle signs, floor displays and other metering techniques are being implemented with safety as the primary focus. “Clean cart” protocols, gloves, masks, modified hours and “no contact” shopping options are quickly becoming the norm.

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The Importance of Retail Signage

Some of the most important messages that need to be conveyed on signage include:

  • Shopping online
  • Designated seating
  • Social distancing (6’ rule)
  • Meal ordering instructions
  • Hours of operation or closures
  • CDC guidelines and local laws
  • Number of customers allowed inside
  • Where to stand and aisle directional
  • Curbside pickup, drive thru or delivery
  • Reminders to wash hands; wear masks

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When maintaining six feet of distance is not possible (ex.: checkout counters and seating in public establishments), retailers and QSRs have turned to partitions and barriers to ensure safety for their customers and employees. These range from rom DIY pop-up countertop sneeze guards to semi-permanent plexiglass barriers with pass-through windows. Retailers and restaurants have a variety of options to choose from during this critical time.

The Importance of Dining with Social Distance Signage

While grocery stores and other big box retailers have already modified their in-store environments to be compliant with social distancing recommendations, restaurants will soon have to follow suit. We anticipate curbside pickup and delivery options continuing to remain popular, even as dining rooms start too slowly open back up. Once restrictions are lifted and customers begin to feel comfortable eating out, modifications will be needed to ensure social distancing guidelines are met.

Some of the most notable changes diners can expect include:

  • Menu-less ordering
  • Limited seating capacity
  • Condiments available by request
  • Enhanced sanitary measures and personal hygiene
  • Partitions for counters, host stands, booths and tables
  • Text notifications to minimize face-to-face host interactions

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Social Distancing Solutions During and After COVID-19

As stores and restaurants reopen, providing customers a sense of reassurance will be key. As new shopping habits are created and businesses adapt to meet customer needs and public health requirements, this is an opportunity for your brand to express gratitude and empathy. Something as simple as thanking customers for their business will leave a lasting impression.

As a thank you to our QSR customers, we’re offering a downloadable Blueprint for Success that demonstrates easy solutions to assist with your COVID-19 compliance efforts. Review all of our retail social distancing solutions — including print, partitions and barriers — all designed to mitigate risk during these uncertain times. 

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